Ad Astra: Conspiracy Theories Edition

KJHK’s Ad Astra is kicking the decade off with our classic “Conspiracy Theories” series. Below are links to the two podcasts that aired during our bi-weekly Ad Astra Broadcast on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.

As always, you can stream these podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Spreaker

The Curse of the Oscars – WwW

Why do so many actresses break up with their partners after winning Academy Awards? Did Leonardo Dicaprio really sabotage the 2017 Oscars’ best picture award? What are Wyatt Hall’s predictions for this years’ Academy Awards Show? Find the answers in this special extended play of “Watching w/ Wyatt” where Mr. Hall covers some of the most notorious conspiracy theories surrounding the awards show.

Was Shakespeare Even Real? – LKF Stage Stories William Shakespeare’s plays didn’t shy away from politics or the conspiracies curated by those in power. The conspiracies in his plays are often overlooked by the conspiracy theory about William Shakespeare himself. It’s been debated for years whether or not the playwriter even existed and KJHK’s Chris Conde is here to get the story straight. Conde goes through the conspiracies alluded to in his work as well as identifying the play famous playwriter.