Ad Astra: ‘As You Like It,’ Open Relationships and Upcoming Movies for 2020

KJHK’s Arts & Culture staff is back with quite a variety of content everyone to enjoy on your wonderful weekend. Whether you’re using Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Overcast… you can check out the podcasts featured in our bi-weekly Ad Astra Broadcast!

LFK Stage Stories Ep. 8 – As You Like it

For the eighth installment of Chris Conde’s series, he sat down with Dominique Lorae, who plays Phoebe in the KU Theatre Department’s latest production As You Like. Lorae shares her story on her character’s role and production process from KU’s latest show.

Situationships – Open-ationships?

Grace sat down with her friend Faith (the voice behind Situationships’ theme song)  to talk about open relationships. Covering the basics of what constitutes an open relationship, how to make one work and how they differ from “polyamorous” relationships. Don’t miss it!

Watchin’ w/ Wyatt – Anticipated Films for 2020

Since it’s 2020, we asked Wyatt to come up with the top 2,020 movies he’s looking forward to watching this year. After finding out that only about 600 movies come out every year he decided to reduce his list down to 15, enjoy!