A KJHK Family Spaghetti Dinner…Virtually

While social distancing, we missed each other here at KJHK. In the hopes of feeling like a family again, we cooked and ate a spaghetti meal together. How’d it turn out? Well, we’ll let you decide.

Do you want to have one of your own? Here’s how we did it:

– at least 10 of your closest friends
– noodles (spaghetti or other)
– Kraft American cheese slice
– tomato paste
– milk
– butter
– french bread
– garlic
– crunchy green beans
– onions


  1. Give each of your friends something to cook/prepare.
  2. Chop up one onion and several cloves of garlic. (reserve some garlic for garlic bread)
  3. Using a butter knife, scrape the tomato paste into a pot.
  4. When it becomes apparent that just tomato paste is not a sauce, add some milk and butter.
  5. Stir using a figure 8 motion for best results.
  6. While your sauce is simmering, fill a pot with water and heavily salt.
  7. Turn the burner on high and cover the pot. Wait for a rolling boil.
  8. While the water is boiling, put your veggie-”meat” in a skillet, flipping occasionally.
  9. Put one bag of frozen, crunchy green beans into a pot with some water and wait for them to steam.
  10. Put in your pasta of choice once the water reaches a rolling boil.
  11. Soften half a stick of butter and mash in with minced garlic.
  12. Spread garlic butter on half a loaf of french bread.
  13. Put bread in a pre-heated oven.
  14. Strain your pasta once it reaches al-dente and pour it into your sauce.
  15. Set your table with plates, forks (for competence) and spoons (for status).
  16. Light a candle for ambiance.

Enjoy your spagett!

Lastly, finish the meal off with two scoops of ice cream you found in your cabinet…or wherever you keep it.