Hawker’s Happy Hour; your podcast guide to all things KU

Taylorlynn graduated from the University of Kansas this spring, but before moving on to her career, she decided to help the rest of us out.

From her four years of experience and with the help of “expert” guests in each episode, Taylorlynn breaks down all the questions incoming students might have about the university.

Listen to the episodes here or stream them where ever you get your podcasts.

In her first episode, Taylorlynn talks about her experience in Ellsworth (residence hall) and gives some basic tips on living in the dorms and dealing with roommates. Former two-year RA and three-year Daisy Hill resident, Grant Daily, speaks on all the do’s and don’ts of the dorm life, along with some of his crazy experiences as a resident and an RA along the way.

Taylorlynn gets sylly this week and discusses the first week of classes! From what to wear to what your school supplies list is, to how to navigate partying during sylly week, she covers it all with guest TJ.

Clubbing at KU… we mean clubs and organizations, of course. Taylor’s tips and tricks are coming your way with her (a little too extensive) experience in organizations at KU and special guest advice from Josh Ladevich, a former KU Cheerleader.

Staying traditional, Taylorlynn dives into KU traditions in this episode… but the ones you don’t learn at traditions night. Taylorlynn unveils the sports and night life traditions with some sprinkles of other fun things that happen on campus. Joining us is Taylorlynn’s sorority sister, Kat Johnson, a verified expert in sports traditions.

Not a drill, TaylorLynn finally speaks about going out in Lawrence. She gives a few tips and tricks for going out during the day and at night. We also speak with Taylor’s old boss Jake Murray about which bars to go to, and what it’s like to be a bar manager!

In the last episode of Hawker’s Happy hour, host Taylorlynn answers all of the submitted questions she’s received, including the ones about fake ids. Questions are answered, stories are told and advice is given. Tune in now for the very last episode of Hawkers Happy Hour!