Daniel Paese

Cuteness, like art, is subjective. I’m sure some may disagree with a few of my selections, so I provided the basic criteria I used in choosing these houses. To be selected, each of the houses in the gallery had to fall under most, but not all of the criteria below.

Size: The house is relatively small, or in the medium size range compared to other houses in town. This gives value to very small houses in town, and does not praise large castles.

Color: The house is painted in an interesting and complimentary color pattern, or with a generally pleasant hue outside of the mundane (stone and brick houses are an exception).

Shape / Architecture: The house has cute curves and edges. Employs an interesting architectural style that stands out from the houses around it. Simplicity and subtlety are also valued in this category.

Originality: The houses’ decoration and style are uncommon, or more distinctive than that of most houses around town. Either being one of a kind, or a canon of its type. 

Character: The house has a personality or spunk of sorts. This could be in the landscaping around the house, the wear of a well lived in space, or its interaction with its location and the overgrowth around it.

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