Thank you to all who wrote to the Crimson and Blue Squatch Watch email hotline. Your responses and bigfoot sightings have been invaluable in our search for Bigfoot, which is sadly ongoing. However, through the witness reports you Squatch Watchers submit, we can narrow down the places that Bigfoot frequents. This is very helpful in our search for and study of Bigfoot.

Listed below are the bigfoot sightings recently reported. The witnesses have been kept anonymous at their own request.

    • The CoffeeHouse @ Hashinger Hall September 24, 8:31 am CDT.
      • According to the witness, Bigfoot ordered “six venti Matcha Green Tea Creme frappuccinos.” When they were ready, he “ripped off the lids, licked the whipped cream off, and then drank them each in one shot,” said the witness. “Frankly it was spectacular but also somewhat traumatizing.”
    • The Lawrence Antique Mall on Mass St. Sept. 27, 2:06 pm CDT.
      • According to the witness, Bigfoot was hidden amongst “the back wall on the lower floor.” He was reported “strumming an old guitar” and is still “very bad” at playing, but has “a promising rendition of “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles.
    • Wild Man Vintage Oct. 2, 4:20 pm CDT.
      • According to the witness, Bigfoot entered the store wearing “tinted sunglasses, a tight leather jacket and a blonde bushy mustache glued over his already furry face.” He only made it a few steps before he “bumped into a clothing rack… he let out a quiet grunt that sounded somewhat like an apology, and ran back out the door.”

The CBSW also set up several surveillance cameras around Lawrence. Since our last update, we have been lucky to capture Bigfoot twice.

    • The Campanile on KU Campus Oct 4, 9:25 pm CDT.

    • Clinton Park Sept 30, 6:30 PM CDT.

This is a current map of Lawrence that the CBSW has compiled with pins indicating where Bigfoot has been sighted:

The list of evidence is only growing. Usually, Bigfoot won’t stay in an area for long, but he seems to have made Lawrence his current home. From the evidence above, we know that he has the interest and the capacity to participate in human civilization. Our goal here at CBSW is to enter a joint media deal with him. But in order to do so, we must find him first. Please continue to send any and all Bigfoot sightings to the Crimson and Blue Squatch Watch email hotline.