9 Haunted Places in Lawrence You Didn’t Know About

Emma Miller | @emmactually

Many Lawrencians have no idea how truly haunted their city is! Here are some spooky sites where we experienced paranormal encounters.

  1. Clinton Park—home to the apparition known as Timothy 2. Love Garden—home to the phantasm known as Juniper 3. The Replay Lounge—home to the boggart known as Beatrix 4. The New Hampshire Parking Garage—home to the vampiric spirit known as Dennis5. The Parking Meters on Mass Street—haunted by the spook known as Nina6. Jazzhaus—home to the ghoul known as Louis7. Wonderfair—home to the shade known as Douglas8. The Burger Stand—home to the specter known as Reuben9. The Lawrence Antique Mall—home to the banshee known as Marlowe

Now that you know where to look, be on the lookout this Halloween weekend for ghosts and ghouls around Lawrence!