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45 things you didn’t know about KJHK

In a final celebration of the 45th anniversary of KJHK, we wanted to share some of the bizarre, off-book things that we love about KJHK.

  1. Most of us don’t even know that KJHK stands for KansasJayHawK. 
  2. Pre-COVID, the station couches and reception desk were the unofficial hang out zones.
  3. We have our own official holiday “KJHK Day” October,  17. There is a document, signed by the Mayor of Lawrence in 1996 to prove it. 
  4. Our old call sign was KUOK but we had to change it because some military ship was using it.
  5. We have a lot of awards.
  6. We got fined by the FCC in 1987 for $2,500…yikes.
  7. You can take a nap in the music library room undisturbed.
  8. There are awesome magic reveal pillows on the couch.
  9. There are CDs everywhere. So many. In places you wouldn’t expect…
  10. The couch in the music office is a great place to take a nap.
  11. KJHK is one of the only places in the Union with its own (adjustable) thermostat.
  12. We have a non-denominational holiday tree covered with Nicholas Cage ornaments.
  13. There is a life-sized, plastic skeleton currently sitting in our studio.
  14. Peak creative hours are at 2 a.m. in the music library, while hiding from the Union janitors. 
  15. Staff members are known to have intense, online Tetris battles. 
  16. Station flash mobs are frequent and welcome. 
  17. One time, rice was spilt all over the 366 editing lab. 
  18. For two years, the Production Room 2 whiteboard has read, “If your name isn’t Mike MacFarland, don’t unplug things!”
  19. The music office is known to collect Tea at 3 mugs…sorry Union. 
  20. There’s a very graphically depicted drawing of the “Cock-Toe Twins” on a sticky note in the music office. 
  21. We had a team of KJHKers go to PBR last spring in Kansas City… for….content purposes. Some day the video might surface.
  22. Production Room 2 is cursed.
  23. The sticker-covered door to the Shack is used as a desk in 366. 
  24. If you are in the station, odds are Danny DeVito is watching you.
  25. We have a collection of cursed staff polaroids.
  26. Stickers… stickers everywhere. As far as the eye can see. 
  27. Prod 1 is a great place to space out and jam out. 
  28. No one has ever had an adult beverage during their 10-midnight shift. 
  29. We have broadcast live from several all-night breakfast joints. 
  30. Somone played 18:01 minutes of a burning piano on air. 
  31. We have a serious sticker presence at the Bottleneck. You can find it if you look hard enough. 
  32. DJ’s have received many strange calls from listeners. But we love each and every call, even if it’s insulting. 
  33. Only certain people have access to the auxiliary cable in the studio because someone decided to play Justin Timberlake on loop. 
  34. At one point in time there was a “How many days since Mac Demarco has played” tally on the whiteboard in the studio. 
  35. There is a small dancing robot at our reception desk. He has calmed many nerves.
  36. Dakota haunts the 366 studio. 
  37. The studio is filled with sticky note doodles, all drawn by bored DJ’s.
  38. People think we are way cooler than we actually are. We were all just bullied in middle school and coped by listening to emo music.
  39. Nut balloons once filled the ceiling of the music office.
  40. The two music directors have one allotted brain cell. They must share it at all times. 
  41. Every year we say the cables in 366 will get organized and yet they remain tangled on the floor. 
  42. We made a cardboard boat and sailed it across Potter Lake, winning the regatta in 2019. 
  43. KJHKers are absolute pros at making bracket competitions (see Yacht naming bracket on Instagram).
  44. Our general manager moonlights as an EDM DJ. Just kidding. Unless…
  45. The KJHK whiteboards are a source of inspiration and a free space for people to spend two (or more) hours drawing Spongebob instead of doing work while at their office hours. 



With out our listeners, we wouldn’t be anything. Thanks to you and keep it locked!


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