Making a beat with Dan and Mike

Daniel Paese | @uncarved.plank
Many genres of music are centered around sampling and remixing songs from the past. This is how the majority of classic hip-hop beats are made. However some genres of music are easier to manipulate into a catchy beat.
A lot of the most popular samples come from the drum and bass heavy style of soul and funk. Some of the most popular hip-hop beats sampled bands like the Isley Brothers, the Winstons, and James Brown. Since then hip-hop beats have taken samples from practically any genre and style of music.
In this video Daniel and Mike try to make their own beat from a more bizarre corner of music, a song with a polarizing sound from hip hop. That song is “Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight” by Tiny Tim, one of the weirder artists to come out of the 60s.
Can you turn ANY song into hip hop? That is what we are determined to find out.