Ad Astra 11/4: Ad Astra is Back!

Hey everybody! Welcome back to Ad Astra, our first of the 2020-2021 school year. The COVID pandemic has made it difficult to produce the stellar content that we’re used to putting out on our show but we’re officially up and running once again and here with some of the best podcasts we’ve ever aired. We’ll officially be back to our regular two-week schedule from here on out so as always, be on the lookout for new content on our website, Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever else you listen to your podcasts!

Waste of Space Ep. 1: Pilots

Landis Buckley

A desperate shipping company hires two janitors, Landis and David, to do all their crummy tasks no one wants to do. They have the most boring job, but that won’t stop them from believing they are in a space opera.

On this episode: After losing their best pilots, A shipping company promotes two janitors, Landis and David, To do a simple task… delivering a letter to the post office. Good thing they aren’t getting paid for it.

Hottie Radio Ep. 1

Madison Holloway

On the first full episode of Hottie Radio, Madison and Sara talk with filmmaker Jack Schudy about writing and vulnerability, before playing some Halloween-themed games.

Sound Check: Interview with Raye Zaragoza

John V. Wood

John sits down with Raye Zaragoza to talk about her new album Woman in Color, the influence of being a child of immigrants on her creative process, roller skating, and the importance of a good Orangina.