2021 Farmer’s Ball presented by KJHK

KJHK Presents the 2021 Farmers Ball - Enter Here:

This year, KJHK is re-imagining its traditional Farmers Ball concert series on a digital platform. We are still working out the details, but the time to submit music is now! We are offering some unique prizes to our winners, including the chance to have your very own music video produced by our staff. Be sure to enter by 11:59 pm on February 28th! Specific questions about the entry process may be sent to stationmanager@kjhk.org.
  • You Must Submit Your Entry by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 7, 2021.

  • The Process:

    1. All eligible bands and artists must submit their music via this online form by March 7, 2021.
    2. KJHK's staff will listen and review all submissions, and narrow the field down to 10 acts selected for the semi-final round.
    3. The 10 semi-finalists for Round 1 of Farmer's Ball will be announced by Friday, March 12th. This will give the selected 10 bands roughly 3 weeks to submit video footage of themselves for both the semi-finals and finals, should they be selected to move on.
    4. Farmers Ball semi-finals and finals will be held virtually the week of April 4th - 10th, specific dates/times TBD. We are still working out the details of streaming the event but expect to have more information soon.
    5. Based on audience voting during the semi-finals show, 6 finalists will advance to the Farmer's Ball Finals at the end of the week.
    6. Based on audience voting during the Farmer's Ball Finals, a winner and runners-up will be announced that night.
    7. Prizes for winner and runners -up awarded at Farmer's Ball :
    • 1st PLACE: music video produced by KJHK, Live@KJHK feature, and interview
    • 2nd PLACE: Live@KJHK feature, interview
    • 3rd PLACE: interview
  • Who is Eligible to Enter:

    • Bands or Artists from anywhere in Kansas, as well as bands or artists from Kansas City, MO and its surrounding metro area.
    • All music genres are welcome.
    • No past first-place winners (and the last three years' second place finishers) may enter. New bands with less than 75% membership from a past winning band may enter.
    • Bands or Artists can be "signed" acts (we know that being "signed" is different now than ten years ago, so it's okay with us).
    • Bands or Artists must be able to submit video footage of themselves performing 2 songs if selected as semi-finalists. These videos must be submitted to KJHK by the end of March.
  • Ready? Complete the Form Below:

  • We only want this in case we'd like to promote your band leading up to the event - it's not required that you have a website.
  • Accepted file types: mp3.
    All uploaded files must be mp3 format, maximum individual file size 20MB each, please.
  • Accepted file types: mp3.
    All uploaded files must be mp3 format, maximum individual file size 20MB each, please.
  • Accepted file types: mp3.
    All uploaded files must be mp3 format, maximum individual file size 20MB each, please.
    By checking this box, you, the artist and/or band agree to participate in the 2021 Farmers' Ball and its related selection process. This is a tough competition, and you certify that your heart will not be broken if not selected, and you trust KJHK to conduct a fair selection process, because that's all we ever care about with this thing. You also permit KJHK to help you out by allowing KJHK to use your material to promote both Farmers' Ball and of course your musical art as well, including the ability for KJHK to archive and air your music, to contact you to alert your band to future opportunities including but not limited to KJHK activities, but also other local showcases available to you throughout the year. If available, you certify to provide KJHK with a band photo, logo, and any other promo material you've got. By checking this box, you're telling us that this sounds just dandy.
  • Submit Your Entry

    Please click "Submit" only once, and be patient while your songs upload! If submitted successfully, you should be redirected to a page with a confirmation message. IF YOU DO NOT SEE THIS MESSAGE, WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED YOUR SUBMISSION. If you are having trouble submitting, please email stationmanager@kjhk.org.

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