2021 Farmer’s Ball FAQs

Q: Virtual Farmers Ball? How does THAT work?

A: Since it is not safe to hold Farmers Ball in its live, in-person glory this year, everything will be virtual! The bands’ performances were pre-recorded in COVID-safe conditions, but we will be live-broadcasting the audio/video during the event.

There are three ways you can “tune in” to Farmers Ball:

  • Audio of the performances will be broadcasted via our FM channel/online stream, with commentary by in-studio emcees. If you are local, you can listen to KJHK by tuning your radio dial to 90.7 FM. You can access our live stream via the KJHK app or by clicking on the “Hi-Fi Stream” or “Lo-Fi Stream” icons at the top of our webpage.
  • Audio and video of the performances will be streamed via our YouTube channel (@KJHK). For access to the streaming link, you will need to register for a “ticket” to the event (more on that below).
  • Audio of the event will be streamed through our KJHK Minecraft server. For access to the server, you will need to register for a “ticket” to the event (see below).

Q: What are the dates/times of Farmers Ball?

A: Farmers Ball is divided between two nights.

Semi-Finals will be hosted on Thursday, 4/8. Performances will run from 7-9 pm CT on all platforms. Voting will open following the last band’s performance and will remain open through 9:30 pm. Finalists will be announced on Friday morning (4/9).

Finals will be hosted on Saturday, 4/10. Performances will run from 7-8:15 pm on all platforms. Voting will open following the last band’s performance and will remain open through 9 pm. Our winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) will be announced LIVE at 9:30 pm via our FM channel/stream, YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Twitter.

Q: How do I register to “attend” Farmers Ball?

A: Since we cannot do a head count/collect tickets at the door this year, we are asking that anyone who plans to tune in registers for a ticket through the website University Tickets. A video tutorial for registration will be embedded below.

How to get a ticket to KJHK’s virtual Farmer’s Ball.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To ensure that voting is as fair as possible (i.e. limited to people who are actually tuning in to the event), we will ONLY be sending out voting information via the secure University Tickets messaging platform. In other words, YOU MUST BE REGISTERED TO RECEIVE THE LINK TO VOTE FOR FINALISTS/WINNERS.

Information about accessing our YouTube stream and Minecraft server will also be sent out via University Tickets. A video tutorial for accessing these platforms is included below and will be sent out along with access information on the mornings of the event.

Q: How much do tickets cost?

A: Tickets to this event are FREE. You will not be asked to pay when you check out through University Tickets.

Although tickets are free this year, donations help KJHK support our student leaders and volunteers and to keep our station on air 24/7, 365 days a year. If you would like to donate, please do so here.

  • Any amount is appreciated!

Q: What all do I need to participate? Do I have to own Minecraft?

A: For event registration (including access to the Minecraft server and YouTube stream) and voting, you will need a valid email address and computer/tablet/phone with working internet access.

Owning Minecraft is not a requirement to participate in the event, but it will certainly make the experience more fun! As mentioned above, if you don’t own Minecraft, you can still tune in through FM, our stream, or YouTube. Owning Minecraft will not affect your ability to vote.

  • Note: You will only have access to the Minecraft server if you are using the JAVA version of Minecraft. This means versions through the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or through a game console will not work for this event. 

Q: How will voting work?

A: Voting links will be sent out via the email you used to register on University Tickets. You can also opt in to get a text notification when voting link is released (although it will still be released via email).

Voting will open once the final band finishes performing on both nights of the event.

On the night of semi-finals (4/8), we anticipate that voting will open around 9 pm CT, and it will remain open until 9:30 pm.

On the night of finals (4/10), we anticipate that voting will open around 8:15 pm CT, and it will remain open until 9:00 pm.

As a reminder, the 6 finalists will be announced the morning AFTER semi-finals (on 4/9), but the winning bands will be announced LIVE the night of finals, at 9:30 pm CT.

Q: What do I do if I am having trouble accessing the event or having other technical difficulties?

A: Our IT Director and Assistant Technology Director will be on-call to answer your questions. You can reach them in one of two ways:

  • Call our reception line at (785)-864-4745 (please note: this is NOT the same number as our on-air request line).
  • Send us a message through the chat service on our website. On our home page, the chat widget is located on the right side of the screen; if you hover over the message icon, it should pop up!

Q: What can I do in the KJHK Minecraft?

A: Our fantastic staffers have recreated the radio station in Minecraft! You can check out their groovy re-imagining of KJHK and listen to the bands’ performances through Minecraft.

Q: The event posters look pretty cool… How can I snag one?

A: We will be stocking up our merch station (right down the hall from KJHK on the third floor of the Union) with Farmers Ball posters throughout the week. Feel free to stop by and grab posters and some other cool FREE KJHK merch.

Q: Will there be a mosh pit??

A: Absolutely.