Break the Wall | Album Review

Abbey Todd

When you start listening to an album and you start sending it to family and friends within the first four songs, you know that you’ve found a good one. MF Robots’ Break the Wall is one such album. It truly makes you feel like you’re rediscovering the whole genre of funk all over again.  

MF Robots (Music For Robots) is a group composed of Jan Kincaid and Dawn Joseph who are both former members of the acid jazz group the Brand New Heavies. Kincaid, a songwriter, producer, and drummer works with Dawn Joseph and her iconic vocals to create this combination of old and new sounds into a new funk album for the ages. 

Released in October of 2021, Break the Wall contains 14 songs that are spirited and meant to uplift the soul. Each song contains a strong bass presence with strong support from a wonderful horn section. 

Change leads off the album with a loud and strong groove that is immediately followed by a smoother and more laid back jam that is Crazy Life. Make Me Happy holds strong samba influences shown especially through the percussion arrangement and provides a different style in the middle of the album that helps set itself apart from any other funk album. The almost self-titled track Mother Funkin’ Robots is immediately recognizable with its iconic bass line that drives the whole groove and is impossible not to dance to. 

This album is an overall feel good piece that was created with just that in mind. The world in totality was feeling down and MF Robots put out this project to see if they could lift the spirits. I strongly encourage everyone to listen to it all the way through at least once. I understand fundamentally that funk isn’t for everyone, but you can’t deny the uplifting effect that this album has. It’s just good music that everyone can enjoy. 

Recommended If You Like: Durand Jones & the Indications, Tower of Power, Vulfpeck, Alabama Shakes

Recommended Tracks: 2 (Change), 3 (Crazy Life), 6 (Make Me Happy), 10 (Mother Funkin’ Robots), 14 (Make the Call)

Do Not Play: None