Kansas beats Texas in Football Yet Again

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Four thousand, seven hundred, and eighty-eight days. Fifty-six road Big XII games. For the first time since October 4th, 2008, the Kansas Football Jayhawks finally won a road conference game. So many streaks were broken. Kansas beat Texas in Austin for the first time ever. Kansas won a road conference game for the first time in 56 attempts (last win vs. Iowa State 10/04/08). Kansas won a conference game for the first time in 18 attempts (last win vs. Texas Tech 10/26/19). We once again have hope in Lawrence.

            The last decade has been a disaster for KU Football. We have seen a glimmer of hope a few times, most recently with KU beating Texas in 2016, KU beating Boston College in 2019, and KU beating Texas Tech in 2019. We can now add KU beating Texas in 2021. Since Lance Leipold was hired in the spring, he has brought so much optimism to this program. We have kept it close in a lot of games this season, being competitive in the 2nd half in so many games. We had a game with 5 minutes left against Oklahoma a few weeks ago, and the Jayhawks could not get it done. They got it done this week though.

            The Jayhawks started fast, jumping to a 14-0 lead, before Texas tied it up at 14. Kansas went on to score 21 unanswered in 80 seconds, taking a 35-14 lead into halftime, and some Kansas fans started to believe. Then, the second half happened. The Texas defense tightened up, and their offense started clicking. Then, with Texas driving, down 7, with a minute and a half left, KU got their fourth turnover of the game, an interception by O.J. Burroughs. Then we started to believe. It was early though, Texas forced a three and out, and with three timeouts, Texas got the ball back with just under a minute left. Next thing you know, we’re in overtime after Texas scores the tying touchdown with 22 seconds left. KU wins the toss, goes on defense first, ands Texas scores almost immediately, at is up 56-49. But Devin Neal (who had a phenomenal game) and Jalon Daniels weren’t done yet and score 6. Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE)-except for the commentators-thought that KU should go for 2 and the win. Jayhawk fans everywhere collectively held their breath as Jalon Daniels rolled out and no one could see the endzone. Next thing you know, Jared Casey completed the conversion, and KU wins 57-56.

            This is a program building win. Yes, Kansas fans have said that in the past, but this one is different. The players truly believe this time. Lance Leipold is creating a new culture in Lawrence, and fans have every right to be excited.

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