V-Day Date Ideas from KJHK Content Staff

Photo by Stella Sofia on Unsplash

So tomorrow is that special day. Whether you call it lonely people’s awareness day, the worst holiday ever invented, chocolate consumption day, or Valentine’s Day, it is encroaching on us soon. What better way to be prepared than to read through some date… or self-date… ideas before the big day arrives? And of course, if you’ve got anything to add, feel free to comment below.

  • Get mozz sticks from The Studio and then watch Community
  • See a movie at Liberty Hall
  • Look at the Natural History Museum
  • Go to Spencer Research Library and learn something new
  • Have a picnic (if it’s not too cold) at Clinton Lake
  • Read some romantic poetry
  • Buy flowers (for you or someone else)
  • Plant flowers
  • Makeover or spa night
  • Watch a cheesy romantic comedy like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  • Eat lots of ice cream
  • Listen to KJHK with a glass of wine in hand (if you’re of age)
  • Learn to make a pink/red cocktail (again, if you’re 21+)
  • Buy a new toy… iykyk 😉
  • Cook for yourself or your partner… or even your roommate or family member!
  • People watch other couples being all lovey-dovey and annoyingly cute
  • Get a squishmallow
  • Chocolate is never not a good idea unless you’re a monster
  • Take a relaxing shower or bath and use all your fancy bath stuff
  • Update your wardrobe (Looking good for a significant other is fun but look good for yourself first and foremost!)
  • Wear pink or red, or whatever color makes you feel romantic
  • Pet an animal
  • Light that candle, use that bath bomb, put on that outfit… Now is the time to use those things you’ve saved for “special occasions.” You’re special, so it’s always a special occasion!
  • Listen to a really hot artist like Crumb or Beyoncé or something real smexy
  • Roses. Make tea with them. Bathe in them. Scatter them around your floor. Roses, man.
  • Write poems for people and slide them under their doors (be careful not to be creepy with this one)
  • Call a mom-like figure in your life and tell her you love her
  • Get a latte or boba or some kind of tasty bevvy
  • Order in (but schedule it in advance!)
  • If you’re going out, make those reservations and be kind to the waitstaff. Tip well! 15-20% minimum! Let them have a good Valentine’s Day too.
  • Slow dancing with a record on and the window slightly opened is the best way to end any day. (You can dance with yourself, I promise it isn’t lame.)
  • Go for a walk and look for signs of spring! Birds chirping, budding trees, clover…
  • Leave your mailman or other service person a giftcard and a note for doing their job well. It will make their day!
  • This goes without saying, but again, anyone who has to work on a holiday will appreciate you noticing them and thanking them. 🙂
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