KJHK is partnering with FORMAT, a new, three-day festival uniting the worlds of art, music, and technology taking place in the heart of Oz in Bentonville, Arkansas from September 23–25, 2022. Explore this year’s talent and reserve your spot today at format-festival.com.

Located on 250 acres of forest-enclosed green land, just six minutes outside of Bentonville’s center, FORMAT will be a multidisciplinary experience for attendees, uniting eclectic live musical acts with visual artists, performing arts, site-specific commissions, and architectural interventions. The festival will have a traditional main and side stage for headliners, alongside several less conventional settings for musicians to perform—including hidden forest enclaves, an open-air pavilion, a converted disco barn, and a multi-roomed speakeasy, designed in collaboration with some of the most exciting visual artists and architects working today.

For three days and nights, FORMAT will be a micro-universe of interactive exploration, from curated food vendors, impromptu dance processions, and experimental soundscapes, to light shows, therapeutic workshops, and uniquely integrated technology activations.

Art will be woven into every aspect of the FORMAT experience, including dazzling venues designed by artists and architects, free- standing art installations, performance art commissions, and community-driven collaborations.

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