this is the band! they look so happy to play music!

A Quickie with Post Sex Nachos

We sat down with Colombia, MO’s second favorite boy band FRESH off of their US headline tour and the release of their 3rd album for a tell all interview (5 questions) with journalistic integrity that the Maneater could only hope to achieve.


What’s your least favorite song?

PSN: Coffee by Post Sex Nachos

Ideal first date?

PSN: Coffee THEN post sex nachos

Favorite Disney channel original movie?

PSN: The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon

 Where were you on November 14th 2009?

PSN: We were all in Brentwood, Tennessee for the wedding of “Kings of Leon” drummer, Nate Followill. Look it up, IT HAPPENED THAT DAY WE’RE NOT LYING STOP ASKING.

 Describe your music with only colors

PSN: Blue blue blue blue blue blue purple REDREDREDREDREDRED green

Post Sex Nacho’s Debut EP, “Your Second Favorite Boy Band” is out NOW on all streaming platforms.

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