Built to Spill Concert Review

Two Wednesdays ago, Built To Spill (BTS) took the stage of the Granada here in Lawrence. Coming off the release of their new album, When The Wind Forgets Your Name, Built To Spill seeks to bring the sound of Boise to the country. Doug Martsch has put together an entirely new lineup for his almost 20 year-old project. This new Built To Spill is not the same band known for their rough, often riff oriented, blend of 90s alternative and heart-wrenching indie. Instead, this new lineup brings a breath of fresh air. Doug has ingrained himself into a softer story-telling sound, a must see live event for any fans of The Halo Benders or Treepeople.

Although Built To Spill’s setlist was oriented towards the new album, there were some older tunes for the old heads in the audience. Notably, I Would Hurt A Fly found its way onto the setlist. The song climaxed in a punchy groove from bass player Melanie Radford, whilst Doug shredded his heart out.

Doug has come a long way from Ultimate Alternative Wavers. The scrappy Boise rockers we knew in the 90s have gotten older and matured a great deal. Built To Spill in 2022 is not the same band many people remember. They have become confident in a new, developed sound, that relies even more on the song-writing and lyricism that has become synonymous with Doug Martsch and his career.

Recommendations from When The Wind Forgets Your Name:
Fool’s Gold, Spiderweb, Alright

Recommendations for fans of Built To Spill (bands):
The Halo Benders, Treepeople, Eric’s Trip, Beat Happening