February Charts and Adds

February has come to a close and with that, so have Charts and Adds for the month! February saw some worthy contenders to be added to the high and mighty KJHK DJ rotation. With some 40 adds over the last month, we decided to highlight a few! 

Jake’s favorites included Cal In Red, Bella White, Bakar, Sunny War, and Waldo Witt. Cal In Red’s On The Dancefloor EP was a fun, and danceable (as the name suggests) EP that fits into the mold of the bright indie pop that would fit well on your summer playlist. Bella White’s Break My Heart is essential to the Y’all-ification of KJHK, this is an awesome country/bluegrass single and it’s well worth it to take a deep dive into this artist if you enjoy these genres! Needing no introduction, Bakar released a new single Good News which is another instant hit by the artist. Sunny War released Anarchist Gospel, an amazing work of roots and blues. The vocals on this album really shine as well as high-quality production, definitely worth checking out! Lastly, Waldo Witt dropped Long Daze, Dark Nights, which is a psych rock piece with heavy influence from the 60s and 70s. Psych-rock really isn’t my thing, but I enjoyed this album.

Gracie’s favorites included Men I Trust, Fenne Lily, Samia, The Arcs, and Hippo Campus. Men I Trust dropped Ring Of Past, a solid addition to the indie pop rotation list. Fenne Lily released Dawncolored Horse, a set of two singles, both of which are good listens and really deserve checking out. Samia released Honey, which has a chiller indie kinda vibe. Next up is the Arcs’ Electrophonic Chronic which is a fun album through and through. The songs “Eyez” and “Keep On Dreaming” are solid starters to the album. Lastly, Hippo Campus released the single Kick In The Teeth, which is a slower and sadder vibe than Hippo Campus usually puts out, but nonetheless a great single, with the band announcing an EP to match that is on the way.

In February, we had 4 different top charters! Give it up for Love Tractor, Unloved, Sunny War, and Frankie Cosmos for topping the charts for each week of the month! Unloved’s The Pink Album stayed in the top 5 all month! Love Tractor’s Themes From Venus was in the top 5 for 3 weeks, so DJs were really rocking with those two albums (so maybe you should too). Stay tuned and we’ll let you know all the stats for March!