K-Pop Group Billlie Further Solidifies Themselves as a Leading Group in the 4th Generation With New Album

The seven-member group, Billlie (Moon Sua, Suhyeon, Haram, Tsuki, Sheon, Siyoon & Haruna), has come back with their 4th mini-album, the Billage of perception: chapter three, with the lead single ‘EUNOIA.’ The new album is only a six-track EP with a duration of 19 minutes, but each song packs a massive punch with their production done by Jungsu Peacedelic HAN, Yoon Jong Shin and Jo Young Soo. Billlie is a diverse music group, each album different from the last with title tracks ranging from dance-pop, bass house, rock and funk-pop. They’re praised for their versatility with each new release, paired with beautifully produced R&B-influenced b-side tracks.

Following the days coming up to the release of the album, they released a series of videos on their youtube channel including track drops, teasing the new songs off of their EP, and the prequel film, enchanted night ~ 白夜, teasing the short story film that’ll go along with the album, something they’ve done as well for their past three mini-albums, in-which they showcase their haunting concept and lore between the dream world and real world.

The story of Billlie starts with Ring X Ring, the bell that rings 11 times, summoning the dark entity of their universe and capturing Billlie Love. A rumor sparks in the village that the six girls (Before Sheon joined the group shortly after their debut, due to her appearance on the show Girls Planet 999) had involvement in her disappearance, which drove the girls to be consumed with guilt and nostalgia. They shot to domestic and international popularity after the release of their second mini album, the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one, after a fancam of member Tsuki from one of many GingaMingaYo (the strangle world) went viral for her incredible stage presence and dancing skills, with a steady rise in fame ever since.

Notably, before anything, when reviewing the writing credits for the album, the members all took part in the writing process for the track “various and precious (moments of inertia)” along with Guem To, minGtion, Oiaisle and JUNNY, and leader of the group, Moon Sua with member Siyoon had parts in the rap verse of “EUNOIA.” Quoting an interview done by Ivana E. Morales for MTV, Moon Sua states that “I think this song shows another character [of Billie’s artistry]” with the track blending basslines and synth-pop to create a track that puts a spell on the listener.

Eunoia has a philosophical meaning behind it too, being linked to Greek philosopher Aristotle, meaning affability and “beautiful thinking.” Moon Sua continued to say that, “We wanted to [incorporate] the literal meaning of ‘Eunoia’ – which is a beautiful and precious thought – as well as the message that Billlie wants to deliver in the song.” Saying, basically, that we all have two sides to ourselves that we need to remember to acknowledge, love and embrace.

Speaking of this album as a whole, I see this as their most cohesive album since their debut, and the best album from their discography. With “enchanted night ~ white night” having heavy funk and basslines, the Latin influence of “lionheart (the real me)”, the traditional, mystical fan song “various and precious (moments of inertia)” and synth instrumentals throughout the entire album. They finally have shown that they have a solidified sound, the sound of Billlie.

One thing that many fans love about the group’s music is that they don’t follow the trends of heavy EDM and “pot and pan” instrumentals that many 4th generation groups have followed. They are one of the best groups of their generation at this time, and will continue to grow and impact their domestic industry and the international market in just a matter of time. I heavily recommend this album to anyone looking to explore the K-Pop genre and dive into their previous albums as well.