Malicious Intent Metal Detector: Summer 2023

Hello maniacs. Tis I, Alexandros, your on-air lord of death and decay en música. 

As 2023 plods ever onward, I wanted to take some time to shine a spotlight on the recent metal goings on in our Lawrencian hamlet and the world. So far we have some seriously promising releases from local, regional and international acts. Here, I’ll try and give you a taste of the musical devilry that’s been about in the first half of the year, so let’s dive into a smattering of recent and upcoming releases.











Creeping Death (TX) – Boundless Domain

Death Metal/Hardcore

FFO Gatecreeper, Power Trip











Dead On Collision (KCMO) – Kansas City Violence

Death Metal / Hardcore

FFO Impetigo, GEL












Enforcer (SWE) – Nostalgia

Speed Metal

FFO Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Hellripper











Frozen Soul (TX) – Glacial Domination

Death Metal

FFO Bolt Thrower, Power Trip

Music Video











Hellwitch (FL) – Annihilation Intersection

Technical Death Thrash

FFO Coroner, Atheist, Sadus












Immortal (NOR) – War Against All

Black Metal

FFO Mayhem, Abbath












King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard (ASTL) – PetroDragonic Apocalypse

Progressive Stoner Thrash/Heavy Metal

FFO Motörhead, Old School Thrash, Mad Max: Fury Road












Pyöveli (FIN) – Mega-Thrash Revolution!!!!

Speed/Thrash Metal

FFO Early Slayer, Motorhead, Zeke












Sarin Reaper (KCMO) – Noxious Black Vomit

Blackened Crust Punk

FFO Siege Column, crust-era Darkthrone, Celtic Frost












Serpent Corpse (QC) – Blood Sabbath

Old-School Death Metal

FFO Bolt Thrower, Entombed












Smoulder (FIN) – Violent Creed of Vengeance

Traditional Heavy Metal

FFO Eternal Champion, Iron Maiden













They Watch Us From The Moon (KS) – Cosmic Chronicles, Act I: The Ascension

Melodic Stoner Doom

FFO Black Sabbath, Abba, moon-related conspiracy theories













Wytch Hazel (UK) – IV: Sacrament

Heavy Rock

FFO Thin Lizzy, Parish



EPs, Singles, & Upcoming Releases











Baroness (GA) – Last Word

Full Length “Stone” Out 9/15/23

Progressive Sludge

FFO Mastodon, Prog in general

Music Video











Cannibal Corpse (FL) – Blood Blind

Full Length “Chaos Horrific” Out 11/22/23

Death Metal

FFO Morbid Angel, Deicide












Cavalera Brothers (AZ) – Morbid Visions (Rerecorded Single)

Full Length “Morbid Visions” and EP “Bestial Devistation” Out 7/14/23 on Nuclear Blast

Blackened Thrash Metal

FFO Sepultura, Sodom, Celtic Frost

Lyric Video











Cruel Force (DE) – At The Dawn of the Axe Single

Full Length “Dawn of the Axe” Out 9/22/23

Speed Metal

FFO Exodus, Artillery, Helloween












Crypta (BRA) – Lord of Ruins + Trial of Traitors Singles

Full Length “Shades of Sorrow” out 8/4/23 on Napalm Records

Death Metal

FFO Skeletal Remains, Immolation, Arch Enemy












Cystic (WA) – Core of the Maelström

Full Length “Palace of Shadows” Out 8/11/23

Death Metal

FFO Carcass, Undeath












Dethklok (CA) – Aortic Desecration

Full Length “Dethalbum IV” out August 2023

Melodic Death Metal

FFO Amon Amarth, Later Death

Lyric Video












Drifter (KS) – New Full Length Album “Grigori” 

Out Early 2024 (previous release “Herald” pictured)

Sludge/Post Metal
FFO Pallbearer, Monolord, Early Sleep

Live Performance featuring Upcoming Material












Exmortus (CA)  – Beyond the Grave

Full Length “Necrophony” out 8/25/23

Technical Thrash Metal

FFO Coroner, Later Exodus

Lyric Video












Iron Savior (DE) – Firestar

Full Length “Firestar” out 10/6/23

Power Metal

FFO Helloween, Gamma Ray

Lyric Video












Knife (DE) – Heaven Into Dust

Full Length “Heaven Into Dust” Out 8/25/23

Blackened Speed Metal

FFO Midnight, Speedwolf













Moonlight Sorcery (FIN) – Burning Embrace EP

Full Length out September 2023

Black/Power Metal

FFO Emperor, Yngwie Malmsteen, Deep Purple?














Wyrgher (CH) – The Weeping Of A Blazing Rock

Full Length “Panspermic Warlords” out 7/28/23

Black Metal

FFO Ungfell, Misþyrming


This has been your quarterly Metal Detector. Check back for more this fall, and listen to Malicious Intent from 9pm-12am every Sunday.




– Alexandros