PC: Bobbi Washechek

Meet the Creators of Midnight Market

KJHK General Manager, Bobbi Washechek, sat down with the creators of Lawrence, Kansas’s first ever artistic, erotic artist collective, lovingly called Midnight Market. Matthew Lawrence and Davi Nicoll worked together for years in the Lawrence service industry, when one day Nicoll shared with Lawrence that they had attended kink events at the gay bar/micro distillery they had worked at in Colorado, and why couldn’t they do that same thing right here.

Since launching Midnight Market in December 2022, they have hosted multiple live performance events, including the Trash Bash Fashion show which featured clothing made by local designers from recycled materials, intermixed with burlesque and drag performances between the pieces being modeled. Many of their events also have VIP access to kink stations that offer a safe and consensual place for folks to try spanking, tickling, and hot wax play. Nicoll and Lawrence share that their number one priority is “Consent or else,” which is written on every program and list of rules (see photo gallery) that is handed out at events.

Midnight Market also hosts monthly poetry readings, called the Poetry Munch, the first Tuesday of every month at the Replay Lounge. Nicoll has always had a passion for poetry, attending the University of Kansas for poetry and English, and has performed at many poetry readings across Lawrence. “I really miss having poetry readings, but then also in the same vein as a lot of the art that I make, a lot of the poetry that I make is a little too risque for your typical 6 p.m. crowd, [they] get a little like squirmy when I’m talking about…fluids.” While these events are not so much for the afternoon coffee shop crowd, snapping is still very appreciated, although many of the folks that attend choose to hoot and holler for poets as they are reading. This encouragement can be necessary as Nicoll and Lawrence have shared that many of the folks attending are reading their poetry for the first time for an audience. Lawrence elaborated, “It’s pretty vulnerable to express those sexier thoughts in front of a crowd.”

Midnight Market strives to create a safe space for those looking to explore and experience kink culture in an educated, service based setting. The creators encourage everyone to educate themselves on safety, consent, and kink culture prior to attending these events in order to keep the attendees and event hosts safe and comfortable. A final note from Nicoll, “The house safe word is purple and get consent or else.”

Please follow this link for the full interview and you can learn more about the folks at Midnight Market here. Follow them on Insta @_midnight_market_

Upcoming events for Midnight Market:

Poetry Munch the first Tuesday of every month
Saturday, July 12 – Coyote Ugly @ Replay Lounge
Friday, October 20 – Goth Night (more information soon, so keep your eyes peeled)