Colorado Band, “Wild Love Tigress,” Wows Crowd at Replay Lounge

Wild Love Tigress (WLT) headlined the matinee show on July 29th at Replay Lounge. WLT made Lawrence their first stop on tour, traveling earlier that day from Denver.

Upon stepping on the stage, they began to capture the attention of the audience, partially due to the impressive size of the ensemble. The band features a rhythm guitarist and lead singer, along with a lead guitarist and vocalist. Additionally, two other vocalists support the front man, which adds another level of impressiveness. Keeping the band in time was the talented drummer and bassist, but my personal favorite was the horns. In addition to the impressive musicians, they had an alto and tenor saxophone, as well as a trumpet.

I am an avid listener of live music, but there are very few that wow me quite like WLT did. Bands like this are the type of music this country needs now. By the way they carried themselves on stage and the continuous flow of music, it was evident that they were in sync and well-rehearsed. The front man commands the audience with his movements and showmanship. It was hard for anyone in the replay to stop themselves from dancing. They were an absolute joy to watch, and their soulful music was like medicine to the ears. I felt so lucky to see them in a room as intimate as the replay lounge, however I have no doubt that they could connect with an audience in bigger rooms.

If you ever get the opportunity to see this band live, it is a must, I do anticipate future appearances from them in Lawrence. Until then hop on over to your streaming service of choice and listen to their first studio album, self-titled, “Wild Love Tigress,” or visit their website for more information: