Cat F!ght and Regina Flapps

Meet the musicians of the Foxy by Proxy Local Music Tribute show

Foxy by Proxy is a burlesque troupe based in Lawrence, KS. With a focus on social justice and equal representation, Foxy by Proxy makes burlesque accessible to all. The troupe also values the community that houses them, evidenced by their upcoming event, the Foxy by Proxy Local Music Tribute. During the show, burlesque performers will be dancing to music by local artists of their choosing.

Learn more about the featured musicians below!

Sweeping Promises x Red Delicious

Red Delicious and Sweeping Promises

Sweeping Promises is the brainchild of Caufield Schnug and Lira Mondal, two creatively restless musicians who deal in quick blasts of New Wave-tinged punk. Their sophomore album, entitled Good Living Is Coming For You, arrived earlier this summer, care of Feel It Records and Sub Pop. They live and work in Lawrence, KS.

Their accompanying burlesque performer, Red Delicious, has performed to local music in all of her shows since 2018. Delicious came to this decision while enjoying Lawrence local music, “ I was listening to Strone Grower play at the Replay Lounge, and I recall liking their set and thought that their music would be cool to perform to. That’s when I decided to use local music for all of my Foxy By Proxy performances from that point forward” Delicious said.

DRIFTER x Frejya Delphine

DRIFTER and Frejya Delphine

Lawrence’s DRIFTER is a trio comprised of guitarist/percussionist Brodie Belt, drummer Joel Denton and Dean Edington on bass/vocals/electronics. DRIFTER blends dark ambiance, primal noise and rhythmic thunder with crescendos of massive riffs and gnarled melody into fiercely-erupting, immersive post-metal.

Released in 2022, the band’s EP ‘HERALD’ is an apocalyptic foreshadowing of things to come – two full length albums are on the horizon in ‘GRIGORI’ and ‘MATTARA’ – the first two entries in the band’s Garden of Forking Paths album cycle – coming in 2023 and 2024.




Collidescope x Eucalyptus Soft


KC based Collidescope is the electronic experimental music outfit of musicians Hadiza Sa-Aadu (Hadiza.) and Madison Monroe (Babydoll). United in music and in intersections from their individual queer experiences, the pair as of late have been leaning into heavier and darker soundscapes providing backbone to the words that are most often sung, sometimes screamed, and least often spoken. Words that point crosshairs at power structures while opening an escape route through fantasy and surrealism.


Hotel Coffee x Lazuli Stardust

Hotel Coffee

Local Lawrence Alternative/Punk Trio Hotel Coffee features musicians Luke Fitzgerald on drums, Legend Reed on vocals and guitar, and Sam Griffin as bassist. This trio put out one album out as a group entitled First Serving before Sam Griffin’s passing in 2016. After a prolonged hiatus, Fitzgerald and Reed continued putting on shows as Hotel Coffee as well as joining their sister band Kiss or Kill which includes lead singer Dominic Seurer. Hotel Coffee continues to bring that alt/punk energy to the forefront of local venues across Kansas and KC.


Commodities Exchange x Prince Darling

Commodities Exchange

Prince Darling will be performing to Commodities Exchange. Commodities Exchange is a band based out of Lawrence, KS. Originally started as a solo project by Atticus Von Holton, the band has grown a lot in the last few years. Prince Darling is extremely excited to get the opportunity to perform to a Commodities Exchange song and cannot wait to share their performance with you all.

Cat F!ght x Regina Flapps

Cat F!ght and Regina Flapps

CAT F!GHT is an all-girl punk band from the beautiful, sexy Lawrence, Kansas. Since Halloween of 2022, the band has played gigs from Lawrence all the way to St. Joseph Missouri, won 2nd place in KJHK 90.7 FM’s annual Farmers Ball competition, shot a music video, and had a feature article in The Pitch. Cat F!ght is a band made not only to rock but to create a safe space for women and minorities in the music scene— i.e., to be free of pigs. UP YOURS! -Cat F!ght

Lonnie Fisher x Busta Cherry

Busta Cherry and Lonnie Fisher

Lonnie Fisher has been playing stages across Lawrence, KS since 1994. Fisher has a rich history in the music scene here with tales like getting in a fight with the guitar player from 38 Special for crashing his stage at Henry’s Upstairs. Fisher plays a 5 string guitar due to a missing G string. While Lonnie Fisher has always been singing his musical stylings have varied from rock and roll all the way to opera which he song in college at K-State. No stranger to the music scene, Fisher just played his 1000th show at the Replay a few months ago and has more new music and shows to come!


Cuee x Aleis Noir


Cuee is a Black, trans recording artist hailing from Chicago, IL, renowned for his electrifying and interactive live performances. With an insatiable passion for music, Cuee has been constantly pushing creative boundaries, as evidenced by his most recent release “Proud Boi” available now on all streaming platforms.


Tokeback Mountain x Dani Danger

Tokeback Mountain

Local Lawrence band Tokeback Mountain self describe their vibe as Nü Wave Bütt Rock. Playing stoner punk tunes with songs with titles like “Bong Rip Your Dick Off” to help you get their proper vibe. They are made up of a few from another local act Daysleeper.




Lyd x Carma Lea

Lyd and Carma Lea

With their smoky vocals and haunting melodies, Lyd dives into the darker side of storytelling. From heartbroken ghosts to monsters in the dark, the Asian-American singer-songwriter delivers a mix of blues and folk. It is an irreverent celebration dedicated to all the shades of grief, lust, and rage.



The Sluts x STAR

The Sluts

The Sluts are a two-piece Garage/Grunge/Punk band from LFK made up of Ryan Wise and Kristoffer Dover.






The Foxy by Proxy Local Music Tribute will be held on Saturday, July 29th at the Replay Lounge. To learn more, visit