Photo Taken by Maura Dayton

DIY Views At Lucia; Captured Chaos: Stories From DIY Space

Written by Blair Graham


As soon as I walked in, I felt the chill and inviting energy. I was nervous going into this event; I am very new to the environment and very hesitant when it comes to exploring new things. But as soon as I walked in all the nerves simply melted away and I began to enjoy myself. The first thing I did was look around at the artwork on the wall. The pictures were the real eye-catcher. There were, what I assumed, pictures of the performers who had previously performed on their stage. 

Turns out the pictures were from the zine, Captured Chaos: Stories from DIY Spaces by Maura Dayton, and they were available for $10. Maura is a concert photographer based here in Lawrence, KS. They are focusing on covering local bands and have some of their work in “The Pitch” magazine. The zine featured several artists such as Cat F!ght, Jackoffs, 24hr Video, Discotek Mama, Sarkatha, Miles Luce & the Cowtippers, and Lavender Bride. After looking at the zine the concert itself began. 

The first artist to perform was Atemporal, whose mixes were fire. Technology and a great mind can go a long way! I didn’t even know about such music before it was very techno-pop with some house beats, it just made you want to move. The second artist was Brother Spacebear, I could feel the bass at my feet. This set was awesome, I had never experienced someone use a pedal for their microphone. It felt otherworldly, like I was on a spaceship jamming out with aliens at a party. The third and final artist was a four-member band (Ali, Chloe, Lisa, and Clare), Cat F!ght. They are a girl-punk band with some sick tunes. This set made me feel like I was riding a neon green guitar through a plot of wheat at full speed. 

The show wrapped up around 8 p.m. and left me feeling ecstatic and wanting more. I’m still very new to the local scene and have only been to a couple of shows but every show has been utterly amazing. I slept that night feeling great! These artists have been on repeat for at least two weeks. If you’re anything like me and are hesitant to branch out into new scenes I say, just go for it!  It has been one of the best things I have done moving down here to Lawrence.