Mortician Thrashes with Classic Slasher Energy on New Album: Hacked Up For Barbeque/Zombie Apocalypse

Written by Sione Daniels


The album Hacked up for Barbeque/ Zombie Apocalypse by the grindcore/ death metal band Mortician features dark lyrics and sound that fits perfectly for the grindcore/ metal theme. Mortician is made by Will Rahmer (vocals) and Roger Beaujard (guitarist and drum programmer). The album cover itself has a gruesome and macabre cover featuring mutilated corpses and human furniture.  Their music has a unique sound and features many incorporations of old horror and slasher films to their songs giving them a unique staple. The songs are a perfect mix of hardcore sound, fast-paced drumming, guitar distortion, and heavy vocals. My personal favorite songs from this album are Rabid, Zombie Apocalypse, and Slaughterhouse. The song Rabid features its sample from the 70’s horror movie, “I Drink Your Blood.” Many of their other songs have inspiration from classic horror movies such as Hellraiser, The Shining, and many more. I would greatly recommend listening to Mortician if you’re a fan of hardcore metal and macabre themes. They’ve become very much a regular in my daily playlists. You can find their music on Spotify and YouTube.