Photo Creds: Caroline Blanke

Farmer’s Ball Fast Fives: Indra!

Co-written by Tyler Burkett and Max Bryan


Last week, local band Indra came down to the KJHK station to answer a few questions concerning their jazz roots, dad super fans, and an intriguing approach to songwriting. Check out the highlights down below and don’t forget to keep it locked!




Tyler: So what kind of music do y’all make and who do you make it for?


Ellie: A lot of music we make is from pure pop influence, so we make music for the girls, the gays, and the dads.


Claire: Our band’s kinda jazzy because most of our band does jazz, so we make music for the music proficient people as well. Daul and Clark are like our secret weapons, though. Their solos are just like… wow.


Tyler: Girls, gays, dads, and jazz. You could put that on a t-shirt.


Lisa: What they said. 


Tyler: I wanna ask you Lisa, we had two drummers in here before. I asked them what things they bring to the group- what kind of quirks or oddities do you bring? The thing they both said before was “i just play drums, i’m boring.” What do you have to say about that being a drummer yourself?


Lisa: Honestly, same. I just hit shit.


Tyler: What do you bring to the music creation that’s not directly music inspired?


Ellie: Mine’s not nearly as thought provoking wow. A lot of my songs start as images in my head, so I kind of imagine a story in my brain and try to imagine how it would go in a song. Like our song Phantom which is about having sex with women, it’s like this girl following you and I imagine her in the mirror when I say “hear her name three times,” and it’s just super chuegy and I imagine like a y2k music video.


Claire: I don’t know what to say! I guess I did write one song with Ellie, Kiss. I am an English major so…


Daul: There’s not much I bring to the table in terms of non-musical stuff.. I guess I bring some flamboyance. I guess I like to bring ideas that are submissive to the ideas the others have. It’s important to be able to work with others’ ideas. In a professional sense, you just always wanna be able to work with others. 


Tyler: Submissive? 


Daul: Yeah, I’ll own that word choice! Submissive! It’s an important thing, let them know!



Get ready to rock out and rock on with Indra and the other bands this Friday, April 26th at Liberty Hall! Doors are @7pm and music starts @8pm! Get there between 7pm and 8pm to receive a voting wristband. Stay the entire time to vote for your top 4 favorite acts to advance to the Finals, which are Saturday, April 27th!