Photo Creds: Caroline Blanke

Farmer’s Ball Fast Fives: Lavender Bride!

Co-written by Tyler Burkett and Max Bryan


Last Friday, LFK band Lavender Bride moseyed on down to the KJHK station to answer some piping hot questions about their songwriting process, special quirks, and more. Check out the highlights down below and keep it locked!



(Disclaimer: Joel was present via mannequin)

Tyler: I want everyone to name one special quirk they have!


Duncan: Up until Wednesday I listened to exclusively Ethiopian jazz music and now I hate it.


Tyler: For how long?


Duncan: For like four months. 


Regan: I’m a retired horse girl. I trained horses to ride them for free. And I taught lessons. And I competed on the KU equestrian team before I stopped to join a band. That’s why there’s so much horse hair in my room. 


Kenny: I like to skate.


Tyler: Where’s your favorite spot? 


Kenny: On campus. So i can get to class on time


Spencer: I’m not really quirky I just play saxophone that’s it. 


Tyler: So you said you’re the songwriter. 


Regan: So I bring a demo and it’s usually with piano or ukulele or guitar and I add vocal layers and I add certain parts to the song whether it’s harmonies or rhythms, and I bring it to the others and I’ll work on certain ideas with them. For example: I want all the instruments to sound like the intrusive thoughts in my head.


T: Y’all’s Band name. Where’d it come from? 


Regan: So we had a list of 25 band names we came up with and we did ranked choice voting. But for this one, I was drinking a lavender latte while planning a wedding pinterest board. But we also had stars on the ceiling which came from a lyric in a song referencing my asbestos ceiling.


Tyler: Would you rather play roblox or fortnite? Or minecraft?


Regan: Oh minecraft for sure. 


Duncan: I’m against video games they stress me out.



Get ready to rock out and rock on with Lavender Bride and the other bands this Friday, April 26th at Liberty Hall! Doors are @7pm and music starts @8pm! Get there between 7pm and 8pm to receive a voting wristband. Stay the entire time to vote for your top 4 favorite acts to advance to the Finals, which are Saturday, April 27th!