Photo Creds: Caroline Blanke

Farmer’s Ball Fast Fives: Mopsy!

Co-written by Tyler Burkett and Max Bryan


On Friday Mopsy boot-scooted on down to the KJHK station to answer a few questions about musical influences, whatevercore, and the meaning of life. Check out the highlights down below and remember to keep it locked!



Tyler: What kind of music do you make and who do you make it for? 


Judge: We make loud angry rock music for people somewhere in between quirky and cool, something like that. If we had to give it a genre, we’d give it whatevercore. 


Tyler: Like a broad stroke of whatever…core.


Huck: It’s for the kids. 


Scout: What Judge said.


T: So how did y’all get formed? What drew you together? 


Huck: We were introduced by our guitar player, Clark Russell, he knew us all. 


Judge: We all have been in bands before and love making music and just started making music together.


Tyler: What is a weird inspiration for your music that’s not a music thing. What are you drawing from when you wanna make music? What are weird quirky things that you use in the back of your head? 


Judge: Just some of the aesthetics of the alternative scene, but also not feeling like you’re fitting in growing up. Wearing it like a badge on your chest, a pride of honor. 


Huck: I just drum.


Tyler; I feel like most drummers have that mindset, do you feel like you have other things going on?


Huck: Well sometimes I feel like I wanna play drums in the desert. I wanna make a film of that one day.


Scout: I just play bass. 


Tyler: What’s the meaning of life?


Judge: To find meaning in life. Find your own purpose. Do something with it.


Huck: That’s my answer. 


Scout: I don’t think about that ever.



Get ready to rock out and rock on with Mopsy and the other bands this Friday, April 26th at Liberty Hall! Doors are @7pm and music starts @8pm! Get there between 7pm and 8pm to receive a voting wristband. Stay the entire time to vote for your top 4 favorite acts to advance to the Finals, which are Saturday, April 27th!