Photo Creds: Caroline Blanke

Farmer’s Ball Fast Fives: Sputnik!

Co-written by Tyler Burkett and Max Bryan


On Friday, local band Sputnik flew into the station to answer a few burning questions we had about songwriting, creative inspirations, and more. Check out the highlights down below and remember to keep on keeping it locked!



Tyler: What kind of music do you make and who do you make it for?


Micah: We make psychedelic music and it’s for anyone who likes… music.


Solie: We make music for people who want to open their minds to things beyond their expectations. We make music for queer people… people of color… fun loving hard rockin mofos.


Tyler: What do you bring to the music creation that’s not directly music inspired?


Micah: I started out my art painting and drawing, so I find that my painting and drawing makes it into our music composition a lot.


Solie: I’ve been a poet for several years and performed poetry for several years- I’ve had the pleasure of using Sputnik to keep doing that. A song on our upcoming album, the first track, starts with a monologue about the american political system, the incarceration system, and ends super stark with “fuck freedom”. It combines art, expression, these complex ideas, as well as the complexities of music that the others have such a good understanding of.



Get ready to rock out and rock on with Sputnik and the other bands this Friday, April 26th at Liberty Hall! Doors are @7pm and music starts @8pm! Get there between 7pm and 8pm to receive a voting wristband. Stay the entire time to vote for your top 4 favorite acts to advance to the Finals, which are Saturday, April 27th!