Hyper-Specific Playlists to Get You Through Finals Week!

Co-Created by Betsey Lewis, Max Bryan, Sione Daniels, Andrew Kaiser, and Jaron Holbert


“there’s a tornado outside, but we must lock in”

By Betsey Lewis


Stop Week has been filled with severe thunderstorms and tornado watches/warnings galore, but we must persevere! So while you’re cooped up in the basement and/or the bathtub waiting out the storm, snag your laptop and some headphones and jam out to this playlist for an hour. Stay strong, friends… Summer is almost here!


“songs to stimulate your brain because you ran out of adderall two months ago”

By Max Bryan


Sometimes when studying for finals, your brain just shuts down and you need some aggressive/brain itching music to get you back into it. This is that. Here’s songs to stimulate your brain because you ran out of adderall two months ago.”


“Metal Mix” 

By Sione Daniels


For my playlist, I went with more metal and heavy music because it’s mainly what I like to listen to when studying. This kind of music helps me get into the productive and energized mood I need for long study sessions or hard assignments. I mostly enjoy the nu-metal genre, but have a decent variety of other metal genres that I enjoy listening to while doing work. Here is Metal Music for a Painful Amount of Studying.


“It’s 2 AM and hour 7 of the study session”

By Andrew Kaiser


It’s 2 AM and hour 7 of the study session for tomorrow’s test. You were ready to give up hours ago, but it wouldn’t sit right if you hadn’t gone over everything. Drowsiness is starting to set in, and the past few hours have been full of highs and lows, from thinking you’ll be forced to drop out, to thinking you might actually just ace it. Just one more section to go over…


“Failed all of em.”

By Jaron Holbert


This playlist tries to capture the feeling of procrastination, followed by the disappointment and frustration of things not quite going the way you want. Even if things don’t go your way, it’s important to remember life goes on, and so will you!