Band Bios

Written by Julian Gutierrez


As this year’s Farmer’s Ball draws nearer, you may find yourself kicking your feet in anticipation at this year’s nights of fun music and (hopefully) friends. If you aren’t already aware, Farmer’s Ball is a battle-of-the-bands-esque event hosted by KJHK this April 26th and 27th. This year, it is taking place at Liberty Hall where doors open at 7 pm and the show is at 8 pm. In order to be able to cast your vote for your favorite band, you must arrive before 8 pm. Tickets are 3 dollars for students and 5 dollars for general admission. Also, prior to the show on the 27th, a KJHK block party celebrating 30 years of Farmer’s Ball history is taking place between Liberty Hall and Jungle house. Be there or be square!


So without further ado, I have compiled a bio for each band playing in this years Farmer’s ball: 


Lavender Bride

Lavender Bride, a local 6-piece band formed in April 2022, made their start in midwest emo, but through the introduction of saxophone and keys have allowed their music to change and expand. While rooted in western and indie pop, they have since infused jazz and blues elements as well. Lavender Bride’s lyrics still offer the gut punch of midwest emo even as the rest of their sound deviates. Their influences are Pinegrove, Sammy Rae & the Friends, and Mitski.



Hailing from LFK, KU Students Ellie Bates, Clare Hawkins, Lisa Hild, Daul Lee, and Clark Russell comprise Indra, an indie rock group with an electric vibe that infects the audience with every show they play. With rocking grooves, wailing guitars, and dreamy synths, Indra has a catchy sound that takes the listener in but then rocks them hard like no other band.


Black Light Animals

Black Light Animals, a dynamic group from the midwest, fuses together soul music, psychedelia, r&b, and rock with a healthy dose of hip hop drums and infectiously catchy hooks. Their debut, “Playboys of the Western World” tackled themes of technology and isolation through the lens of a 70’s Italian horror film soundtrack. Two years later, they released the catchy dance floor heater, “Pink Lemonade”,the first single from their forthcoming second LP, “Last Call Love Songs”, out late 2024. 


Decisive Drama 

Decisive Drama is a 5 piece teenage indie rock band from the Kansas City metro. They focus on storytelling and variety in their music, music with a message. 



A Honky-Tonkin’, Psychobilly, Rip Roarin’ Grit Snortin’ Booze fueled Rocking Traditional Country all American good time fo sho.



Mopsy is a fiery blend of emo, post rock and alternative metal. A steel-toed concoction 100% guaranteed to kick you in your teeth and leave you begging for more.



Sputnik is a psychedelic band coming from the hills of Vinland, now residing in Lawrence Kansas. With creative influences drawn from many places, and a collection of different backgrounds and cultures within the band. They strive to break down the barriers of genre and categorization, to create a musical experience that’s not limited to a single idea.


Seal of Approval

Seal of Approval is in the business of having fun and goofing off while also writing some funky tunes. They’re inspired by old funk legends like Parliament and new school cool like Vulfpeck. You might hear them jamming out in LFK playing deep, funky music with some Drake covers sprinkled in to keep the mood lighthearted. They can’t wait to see all of you guys at Farmer’s Ball!