KJHK Fall/Spring Special Program Application

To apply of a special program on KJHK, applicants must have either a minimum of one year of experience hosting KJHK Rotation, Jazz, or Breakfast for Beatlovers, or must have approval from the KJHK General Manager (generalmanager@kjhk.org). There are several ongoing and classic KJHK Programs that all qualified applicants may apply to host; descriptions are below. Programs marked with an asterisk* may require the host to provide additional music to supplement the program's theme. KJHK special programs have designated weekly times that they air; your schedule availability may determine whether you are eligible to host a particular program. KJHK is always interested in piloting new special programs as well. If you wish to propose a new special program, you will be asked a series of questions to determine your program idea's feasibility, and your own schedule availability may also play into if the proposed program is accepted and scheduled. You may be asked to produce a pilot show for KJHK if your proposal is considered. Please be thorough - only complete applications will be accepted. Thanks for applying to KJHK!
  • Applications for Spring 2023 special programming are now open, and will close on Sunday, December 11th at 11:59 pm.

    Check all that apply
  • List past KJHK program(s) you have hosted in the past one to three years.
  • All special programs applicants are required to record and complete a promo spot for their show in advance of their show being considered. Once this box is checked and your application is submitted, it is your responsibility to email programming@kjhk.org to schedule a time in the production studios. Assuming your program has a reasonable chance of making the schedule, you will be given a tentative airday/airtime to include in your spot along with relevant information about the program you're hoping to host (type of show, music played, etc.). IF YOUR SPECIAL PROGRAM PROMO SPOT IS NOT PRODUCED IN A TIMELY MANNER, YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE VOIDED AND YOUR SPECIAL PROGRAM WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR THE UPCOMING SEMESTER'S SCHEDULE. Previous special programs promo spots from earlier semesters may not be used.
    All successful applicants are required to attend a monthly all-staff meeting, as well as a weekly assigned staff meeting. Assuming best efforts on both your and KJHK's part, are you prepared to organize your schedule in order to attend KJHK meetings for the staff(s) you are selected for?
    To be a part of KJHK, no matter what staff you're on, you must know and abide by the rules and regulations KJHK sets forth. This is vital to the station's continued existence! Please review the KJHK Handbook, available at www.kjhk.org in the "DJs" section of the site. Violation of station rules may result in suspension or termination.
    All KJHK employees must respect the station by maintaining its cleanliness. This includes picking up trash, refiling music, and generally maintaining a neat and efficient work environment. Do you agree to keep KJHK a clean, professional environment every time you are at KJHK?
  • Additional KJHK Staff Preference

    All hosts of KJHK programs must also volunteer on a staff, and weekly participation is required to remain the host of a program on KJHK. This additional commitment is usually no more than 2 hours per week, and you will be assigned to a staff based on your availability if your first preferred staff does not meet your availability. Staff descriptions and responsibilities can be found at kjhk.org, or by emailing stationmanager@kjhk.org.
  • Participation Agreement - KJHK DJs

    By submitting your application to KJHK, you hereby agree to abide by station policies and procedures. These responsibilities include attending monthly KJHK meetings, hosting your regularly scheduled FM show as assigned by the Program Director, attending all trainings, workshops and special meetings organized by the Program Director, following KJHK standards and maintaining station identity in on-air presence and music selection, participation in one additional KJHK Staff (Music, Content, Production, etc.), and pre-production of shows to air in regularly scheduled DJ time slot during academic breaks.
  • By electronically 'signing' your name above, you agree (1) to work within the spirit and framework of the KJHK Constitution as presented in the KJHK Handbook, (2) to perform the duties required of the position to which you are hired, and (3) that you will abide by the KJHK Participation Contract, also found within the KJHK Handbook. Intentional misrepresentation of facts on this application - or any other breach of this agreement - will constitute grounds for suspension or termination from KJHK.

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