KJHK Staff Directory

Station Manager: Jaya Chakka
Email: stationmanager@kjhk.org

I work to make sure that KJHK is being the best station it can be for both listeners and students. If you have an issue concerning something you’ve heard or seen on KJHK, or how your interaction with the station was handled, I want to work openly with you to address concerns.

Communications Director: Erin Bugee
Email: communications@kjhk.org

For any general information or questions, please contact me and I will connect you to the right area at KJHK. Campus and community individuals and organizations may connect here first to find out how KJHK can help them out, including getting your events on the KJHK events calendar. Looking to sponsor/underwrite/get spots on KJHK for your business or organization? Please feel free to contact me at the information above. You can also contact me if you are interested in having us promote your concert and/or event through ticket giveaways or ticket/spot trades.

Program Director: Kade Schoenfeldt
Email: programming@kjhk.org

Contact me if you have questions about any of our programs or program hosts, or if you want to make an on-air appearance on KJHK. 

Content Director: Cami Koons
Email: content@kjhk.org

Contact me if you have questions, comments, or contributions to kjhk.org or if you have questions about or suggestions for KJHK’s arts and culture, sports, and multimedia content.

Technology Director: Markus Becerra
Email: it@kjhk.org

Contact me if you’ve got ideas to improve the technology offerings and user experience (both DJ and audience members welcome!) of KJHK. Also contact me if you’ve got questions or problems with all things I.T. at KJHK, including website, login, and other issues.

Music Director – FM: Deegan Poores
Phone: 785-864-5483
Email: musicfm@kjhk.org

I work directly with KJHK’s Music Staff to move new music into rotation and special programs, and research new below-radar music for rotation and special programs.

Music Director – Label and Artist Relations: Griffin Lowry
Phone: 785-864-5483
Email: submitmusic@kjhk.org

Contact me if you have questions about submitting music to the station, or have questions about music we have been charting.

In-Studios Director: Cole Billings
Email: multimedia@kjhk.orgContact me if you are looking to perform for Live @ KJHK.

Sports Director: Mitchell Osterlund

Contact me if you have questions regarding sports content featured on KJHK.org. Also, feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining our broadcast team.

Web Content Editor: Jasper Hawkins

KJHK.org features a wide variety of content. From concert reviews, opinion articles and local features, the Web content director helps to edit and guide the KJHK content staff to turn hobbies and interests into publishable content. 

Audio Content Editor: Wyatt Hall
Email: audiocontent@kjhk.org

Anyone interested in making podcasts through KJHK will work hand-in-hand with this director, who offers training and helpful advise to the next generation of podcasters. 

Video Content Editor: Fabian Rosales
Email: videocontent@kjhk.org

This creatively inclined director works with content staff to create the wacky videos of KJHK. The Video Content director helps to train interested volunteer staff members in video creation and editing. 

Community Engagement Director: Bella Koscal
Email: engagement@kjhk.org

Contact me if you’re interested in KJHK’s involvement in the KU and Lawrence communities or if you would like us to table at an event.

Development Director: Grace Needham
Phone: 785-864-4745
Email: underwriting@kjhk.org

Contact me if you’d like to learn about KJHK’s underwriting and promotional opportunities.

Creative Director: Daniel Paese
Email: creative@kjhk.org

I work on design and creative projects for the station. Contact me about the station’s graphics on merch, posters, and more.

General Manager: Mike MacFarland
Phone: 785-864-4848
Email: generalmanager@kjhk.org

Still got questions, or don’t see what you’re looking for? Looking to talk to someone at the station when classes aren’t in session? Contact me if you’ve got additional questions, feedback, or ideas for KJHK’s content.

Communications Advisor: Tom Johnson
Email: tvj@ku.edu

I work with KJHK’s Communications team to share what’s happening at the station and around Lawrence, and to help promote the station as well as community life. Contact me if you have questions about community outreach and involvement within KJHK.

Communications Advisor: Bailee Myers
Phone: 785-864-1477
Email: bailee@kjhk.org

I work with KJHK’s Communications team to share what’s happening at the station and around Lawrence, and to help promote the station as well as community life. Contact me if you’ve got ideas for partnerships and promotions with KJHK.

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