KJHK Staff Directory

Station Manager: Mazzy Martinez

Email: stationmanager@kjhk.org

As the Station Manager at KJHK, I oversee our Executive Staff and the station as a whole. My job is to make sure everyone has the people and resources they need to do all the amazing, creative things that KJHK people do. My main responsibility is to organize meetings and create spaces for ideas to grow and for people to thrive. I also handle a good amount of administrative work, but KJHK makes even those responsibilities enjoyable. 

Communications Director: Clara Ketchell
Email: communications@kjhk.org


Oversees the Communications Bubble (Live Events, Community Engagement, Creative, and Development). This position covers underwriting, social media and marketing and all things live events.

Program Director: Keller Welton
Email: programming@kjhk.org


As Programming Director I oversee what we are broadcasting as well as who broadcasts it. One of my main responsibilities includes creating and organizing the programming schedule each semester. In addition, I hire, train, and organize all of our DJs (about 75) into shows. I also oversee the Music Directors, who run the Music staff which decides what music goes into our rotation and gets played on air.

Content Director: Max Indiveri
Email: content@kjhk.org


I oversee our video, audio, and written content for FM and our website. I do this with the help of our content staff, and we’re always seeking new members! If you want to make a podcast, edit and shoot videos, or write articles for our website, feel free to get in touch with me or any of our content editors.

Broadcast Engineer: Cooper Hart
Email: it@kjhk.org


 Works with the audio equipment at KJHK to make sure that we are staying up-to-date and on the air. This position also oversees the backend of the KJHK website, the KJHK app, and  organizational forms and documents for the station.

Music Director – FM: Gracie Hughes
Phone: 785-864-5483
Email: musicfm@kjhk.org


As music director, I sift through and review the mass of music KJHK gets sent by promoters, record labels, bands, and artists. Additionally, we establish relationships with these people to better craft the “KJ sound”. Finally, we manage and work with the Music Staff to create reviews and other music-related content for the station.

Music Director – Label and Artist Relations: Jake Dooling
Phone: 785-864-5483
Email: submitmusic@kjhk.org


As a co-music director, I work to discover and import new music for the station. This includes direct work with artists or associated promotion groups. We also manage our music staff that helps review submissions as well!

In-Studios Director: Jackson Goodrich

Email: multimedia@kjhk.org

I direct a staff of ultra-talented people that film video and record audio in studio 366 to produce and broadcast live sessions of local and touring musicians!

Sports Director: Landyn Welch


My job entails getting the staff prepared and trained for the different broadcasting and game-day opportunities the station has to offer. I am also responsible for getting podcasts and articles scheduled and proof-read from the staff and make sure it works for the website. I also put together and orchestrate our Sports Staff meetings.

Web Content Editor: Jack Bugee

I work with our content staff to write and edit written content that’s both creative and informative. We strive to post writing that covers a variety of student experiences, cultural backgrounds, and sometimes some downright goofy content.

Audio Content Editor: Emma Curran
Email: audiocontent@kjhk.org


 Works with the Development Director to create on-air spots for businesses, student organizations, and KU affiliates. Interested in making a podcast through KJHK? I can help you there too!

Video Content Editor: Backer Hamada
Email: videocontent@kjhk.org


I help create video content for the website and the YouTube channel. If you’re new to video and don’t know how to use a camera or edit, I can help you train. I help content staffers make their ideas come to life.

Community Engagement Director: Abbey Todd
Email: engagement@kjhk.org


Community engagement is exactly what it sounds like: engaging and connecting KJHK with the community! I direct the Street Team, who table events, concerts, and work on collaborations with campus and community organizations. It’s great to be able to build bridges between KJHK and the community! I also plan the KJHK membership drive, so hit me up if you are interested supporting KJHK with a donation.


Development Director: Genesis Garcia
Email: liveevents@kjhk.org

In live events, I partner with SUA to plan Unionfest, a large-scale Fall concert, and Farmer’s Ball. This position also partners with local bands and promoters to get KJHK involved in their shows. Please reach out if you’d like to work with KJHK on your next event!


Development Director: Reonnie Harris
Phone: 785-864-4745
Email: underwriting@kjhk.org

As development director, I am who you reach out to if you are interested in promoting your business, non-profit, student org, or campus department on KJHK. Ask me about our spot rates or if you are interested in doing trade with KJHK. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Creative Director: Eli Mardis
Email: creative@kjhk.org  


Tasked with developing creative ways to publicize the station through printed and digital media. I design content like our semester programming posters and other fun swag for people to have. Come by our office to grab yourself something!

General Manager: Bobbi Washecheck
Email: generalmanager@kjhk.org  


Still got questions, or don’t see what you’re looking for? Looking to talk to someone at the station when classes aren’t in session? Contact me if you’ve got additional questions, feedback, or ideas for KJHK’s content.