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Rotating Special Program Host Application

  • KJHK will have a one-hour spot on its fall schedule for a rotating cast of one-time-only special programs. If you have an idea for a themed show you'd like to test out, please fill out the application. Each week will have a different theme and a different host. So if you've always wanted to test out that hour-long block of skambient music in your collection, this is your chance!

  • Please suggest a short, descriptive title for your one-time special program.
  • List past KJHK program(s) you have hosted.
  • By electronically 'signing' your name above, you agree (1) to work within the spirit and framework of the KJHK Constitution as presented in the KJHK Handbook, (2) to perform the duties required of the position to which you are hired, and (3) that you will abide by the KJHK Participation Contract, also found within the KJHK Handbook. Intention misrepresentation of facts on this application - or any other breach of this agreement - will constitute grounds for suspension or termination from KJHK.
  • Participation Agreement - KJHK DJs

    By submitting your application to KJHK, you hereby agree to abide by station policies and procedures. These responsibilities include attending monthly KJHK meetings, hosting your regularly scheduled FM show as assigned by the Program Director, attending all trainings, workshops and special meetings organized by the Program Director, following KJHK standards and maintaining station identity in on-air presence and music selection, participation in one additional KJHK Staff (Music, Content, Production, etc.), and pre-production of shows to air in regularly scheduled DJ time slot during academic breaks.