Zola Jesus: “Conatus”

Zola Jesus is resurrected with this distinct album.

“Conatus” is a solid  release by Zola Jesus, the alter ego of the powerful sounds that emit from Nika Roza Danilova’s body. The first thing you will notice is the dark and ominous beats this chick can produce and then she’ll throw her powerful voice over the top and change the song completely. All of these songs are swirly, dark, electronic, and beautiful. Most likely not the greatest album KJHK will play this year. But it will not have a problem finding a great setting in which to be enjoyed.

Reviewed by: Zack Marsh on Oct. 3, 2011

RIYL: Little Dragon, Anomie Belle, female vocals

REC: 6, 7, 2, 3

FCC: none

Label: Sacred Bones

KJHK 90.7 FM