KJHK runs on the dedication and creativity of its more than 150 KU student volunteers. From hosting on-air shows to creating podcasts, recording live bands, or reviewing new music, to covering KU sports, KJHK student staff members have access to a multitude of opportunities and experiences during their time with the station. If you’re a current KU student interested in getting involved with KJHK, read on to learn how to join the station as a program host or staff volunteer.

Join a KJHK Volunteer Staff

We’re always looking for great additions to our volunteer staffs at KJHK! There are opportunities in video and audio production, music writing, promotions, news and sports reporting, event planning, and online content creation at the station. Any KU student currently enrolled and in good standing at the University is eligible for a staff position at KJHK. Please have a copy of your school/work schedule handy before starting a staff application. You’ll be asked for general availability information one or more times on any of the staff applications below. Time commitments vary by staff; be sure to read the participation agreement at the end of the application for information about meeting, office hour or production hour requirements. All staff members will be required to attend monthly KJHK All-Staff Meetings, as well as weekly staff-specific meetings. Questions about what to apply for or how to apply? Feel free to send them to

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Become a Program Host

Applications for new, returning and special program volunteer DJs to host a show on-air at KJHK 90.7 FM are open. We’re currently accepting applications for Fall 2020.

Please have a copy of your school/work schedule handy before starting a DJ application. All KJHK DJs must also join a staff, so please read through the descriptions of any staff that might interest you below. If you have questions about which position(s) you should apply for, email or– they’re happy to help you!

  • New and Returning DJs: Are you new to KJHK and ready to throw your name into consideration for an on-air music rotation shift? Back for another semester of on-air awesomeness at KJHK?  We’re taking applications for hosts interested in New Music Rotation, Jazz in the Morning, Breakfast for Beatlovers and Local Music Rotation. Keep in mind that you will also need to join a KJHK staff!
  • Special Programs: To apply of a special program on KJHK, applicants must have either a minimum of one year of experience hosting KJHK Rotation, Jazz, or Breakfast for Beatlovers, or must have approval from the KJHK General Manager ( There are several ongoing and classic KJHK Programs that all qualified applicants may apply to host; see the application for descriptions. KJHK special programs have designated weekly times that they air; your schedule availability may determine whether you are eligible to host a particular program. KJHK is always interested in piloting new special programs as well. If you wish to propose a new special program, you will be asked a series of questions to determine your program idea’s feasibility, and your own schedule availability may also play into if the proposed program is accepted and scheduled. You may be asked to produce a pilot show for KJHK if your proposal is considered. Special program applications are available under the “DJs” tab on our home page or by following this link!

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KJHK Staff Descriptions

Content Staff: KJHK’s Content Staff is responsible for the production of in-studio performance videos, audio recordings, and associated multimedia content for the station’s programs and website.

Music Staff: The KJHK Music Staff screens and reviews all incoming new music to the station. Staff members listen to new music and write reviews used by on-air DJs and posted on

Sports Staff: The KJHK Sports Staff contributes to live broadcasts, online content and multimedia content related to KU sports.

Street Team: KJHK’s Street Team is the station’s promotions force, attending and tabling local and national shows, spreading station promotional materials, and promoting the station on campus and in the community.

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