For The Record

Down With Cover Slips

SCHWERVON Press Photos @ W 68th St - 04/30/2013

Plow The Fields

Interview with Schwervon



BB King’s Ultimate Jam: 45 Years Later Completely Well Still “Thrills”


Todd Snider

Most concerts don’t begin with an apology, but that’s exactly that Todd Snider did on February 15th in front of a sold-out crowd at Knucklehead’s Saloon in Kansas City.


The Rinse Out: February Selections

Two new grime releases and an album from a legendary director!


Across the Pond

With Someone From Literally Across the Pond

Andean Interactive Music Event!

¡Mark your Calendars for the April 22 Earth Day Andean Interactive Music Event!

Trinidad Carnival, Queens Park Savannah, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

¡Carnival Series!

Listen in for the Carnival Series on the Latin Lab!

Griswolds sign

Interview with The Griswolds

Griswolds guitar/synth player Daniel Duque-Perez chats with KJHK Music Assistant Rachel Bennett.

Audio-Reader closed circuit radio

Getting to Know LFK: Kansas Audio-Reader Network

There is another radio broadcaster sharing a home at KU you’ve probably never tuned in to- the Kansas Audio Reader Network.


Ad Astra Radio Interviews KU Visual Art Professors

Ad Astra host Baker Purdon sits down with KU Visual Art Professors Tanya Hartman and Michael Krueger to discuss their open galleries and their lives as artist/teachers…


EPL from LFK 17

The guys break down the coming week of matches heading into the home stretch of the season, plus Danny Ko analyzes Swansea City now and going forward. Also, Jose Mourinho discusses whether he thinks Chelsea can win the league at this point. Follow EPL from LFK on Twitter, @EPLfromLFK, like them on Facebook, or email them at If you like you like the music, follow Lucid Vision on Twitter, @MrLucidVision, like him on Facebook, or download all his music for free here:

Sporting KC

Sporting KC Rewind from April 11

In this show, the guys break down the impact of Ike Opara’s possible season-ending injury on Sporting KC. Plus they talk about how his injury could affect his promising career. For a preview of Sporting KC’s game against the defending MLS Cup Champions LA Galaxy, check out the Sporting KC Fast Forward for April 18. Follow the guys on Twitter: Christian Hardy @HardyNFL, Skylar Rolstad @SkyRolNews, Griffin Hughes @GriffinJHughes. If you liked the music, download all of Lucid Vision’s music free here:  

Serie A

EPL from LFK League Profile Series: Serie A

In the last episode of the five-part League Profile Series, the guys break down Italy’s top flight and the changes it has gone through over more than 100 years. They also give you a special look at the Russian Premier League, one of the most unique soccer leagues in the world. Follow EPL from LFK on Twitter: @EPLfromLFK, like them on Facebook, or email them at If you liked the music, follow Lucid Vision on Twitter @MrLucidVision, like him on Facebook, or download all his music for free here: