Chiefs ready for a change

Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs fans are begging for a different leader after 1-10 record.

World According to Sports #7

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The latest episode of the World According to Sports with Pat Strathman.

KC fans still with no reason to cheer

Matt Cassel leaves Sunday's 9-6 loss to the Baltimore Ravens with a concussion.
(Credit: AP Photo/Colin E. Braley)

 With recent failures from the KC Chiefs and KC Royals, fans still are angry. By Dylan Gehlbach Let’s be honest here; Kansas City sports fans have to be some of the most fed up fans in all of sports.  You could say I have a bias, being from around the Kansas City area, but Kansas Citians may have more right to be upset than others with their two professional teams.  If you’re wondering why, let me walk you through it. We’ll start with the obvious: The Kansas City Royals.  Among a multitude of depressing facts, here’s what I can come up with.  First of all, the Royals haven’t made the postseason since 1985. 27 years….

Parity in Professional Football

Jamaal Charles rushed for 233 yards in the Chiefs' Sunday victory over the Saints.
(Credit: AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

by dylan gehlbach At 2:15 p.m. on Sunday, Matt Cassel threw over the head of Jamaal Charles into double coverage resulting in an easy interception that would ultimately lead to the Saints leading the Chiefs 24-6 late in the third quarter of the week three matchup.  Immediately afterward, I left for work slamming the door behind me, shaking my head in frustration as the Chiefs appeared to be headed for an 0-3 start to the season. If the story ends there, Sundays are pretty boring. But the story doesn’t end there, folks. In fact, this is where the story picks up. Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs’ defense each put on a spectacular performance to will…

The World According to Sports: Episode One

The World According to Sports

In the debut of “The World According to Sports,” Pat Strathman reacts to the Kansas victory over South Dakota State, talks about NCAA Football and the Big 12 and predicts the Chiefs 2012-2013 record. Kansas football NCAA football NFL

Phog Nation 8-23-12

Phog Nation Featured

On the season premiere of “Phog Nation” with Molly Ryan, Pete Knutson, Jonas Nordman and Pat Strathman, the gang discussed the impact of JaCorey Shepherd practicing with defense, who are the dark horses in the Big 12 and Matt Cassel’s expectations for the upcoming season. Kansas Football Big 12 Football Firestarters Kansas City Chiefs