The Real NFL Referees and $0.09

Bacon and Eggs

  The real NFL Referees are back, but, the honeymoon will be over soon.

All The Bacon and Eggs: MLB Playoffs Heating Up

Bacon and Eggs

By Joe Fuentes   MLB Playoffs With only 16 games left in the regular season for baseball, the American League divisional race and National League wild card race is heating up. In each American League division there are at least two teams vying for each division title. In the American League, I think that the Yankees will hold out to win the East, the White Sox will hold on to the Central title, and the Rangers will win the West. The Wild Cards in the American League will be Oakland and the Orioles. I was thinking that the LA Angels would have a shot at the last wild card spot, but they have to play…

PJ 2 CJ: Episode 22


Episode 22 of PJ 2 CJ consists of Kansas football talk, NFL draft discussion that includes who the Vikings should choose at the #3 spot, a sneak peek at the NBA Playoffs and more.   Kansas football   NFL   NBA