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Milkdrop Drops “As The World Turns”

Local emcee puts out a solid new free single!

I’m not going to sit here and write that I have been a huge Milkdrop fan since I first heard his work because I haven’t.  I’ve actually been really critical, passing up songs such as Money’s Worth without realizing the poetic brilliance of his work (lazily and ignorantly).  He’ll be the first to admit that he is different than most hip-hop artists especially in Kansas City.  And he perfectly encapsulates the main difference between him and other emcees in his first line,

“I might not ever be famous what else is new”

This new single “As The Word Turns” helps me to finally understand Milk’s rhymes and differences on a personal level.  He spans many themes in a concise but lyrically expansive track.  What I think helps him connect is the production, Osiris-1.  Osiris-1 creates an abstract beat that highlights the emcee’s lyrics.  I love lyrics and sometimes production overshadows the focus of the emcee but Osiris-1 does the opposite highlighting the lyrics instead of drowning them out.  And when applied to Milkdrop, one can ask “what is Milkdrop better at in comparison to everyone else?” The answer: rhymes.  The spaced-out beat provides Milkdrop a playground to really show the listener his tight and focused rhymes and it all translates to a FANTASTIC track on every level.

It takes a lot for me to continuously go back and hit the back button on my iTunes but “As The World Turns” has done it.

I would say that if Milkdrop puts together his D Sides Project with songs of this caliber it would be the best local project of the year, it will be in rotation too!

You can download this great song along with accapellas and instrumentals to make a badass remix here and here: FREE MUZIK

If you want to make a remix there is a contest.  Here are the details:

“Included in the FREE download of the single will be the accapellas for you to craft your own version. The PRIZES for winning include: a Dat Pack (bag of FREE Datura Merchandise), and the opportunity to have a guaranteed Producer placement on Poet At Heart The LP or a future project to be determined. All participants can send submissions to Sean Hunt or myself at milkdroppress@gmail.com after November 8th.”


by james baker