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Billie Joe Armstrong +Norah Jones- Foreverly

Unexpected pairing and unexpected tunes
Take everything you know about Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong and throw it out the window. Light it on fire and throw it out the window. I don’t know if it was his trip to rehab early in the year or if he was simply taken by Norah Jones’ beauty, but this album did a total 180 on his former style. Adopting an undeniable country twang, Norah Jones and her style dominate the album. With blues inspired steel guitars and a gentle, walking bassline, these songs could be found in a dive bar anywhere in the south. I hear hints of Green Day a-la “Good Riddance” and/or “Macy’s Day Parade” musically, but the punk politically-charged tones that Green Day executes so well are nowhere to be found on this record. Personally, I’m not into this kind of music; this record proved me wrong. The harmonies are simple and beautiful, providing easy listening. Most of these tracks are pretty mellow, just a warning.

RIYL: Jack White, Mississippi Delta Blues type tunes, Karen Elson
REC: 1, 3, 4, 7

Reviewed by Katie Barrett on 12/2/13