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KJHK Content Metrics

What we measure:

  • Staff participation
  • How people get to the site
  • What people look at on the site
  • What people engage with/share from the site
  • On the leadership level, we also keep track of learning outcomes

Why we measure:

  • Tracking staff participation and leader learning lets us know if the station’s content is providing students with needed opportunities and training
  • Tracking how people consume and share content helps us make decisions about where to focus time and staff

Tracking how people get to the siteKJHK.org referring sites

  • Mobile access is increasing, desktop is decreasing.
  • We can see that in the top three referrers to KJHK.org – all are social sites, and a huge chunk is a mobile platform.
  • Top three referring sites: facebook.com, t.co, m.facebook.com
  • A few years ago, University websites were at the top of that list.
  • We also see traffic from search engines and direct links.

Tracking what people look at on the site

  • User flow through Google Analytics
  • Most viewed: home page, now playing, music reviews, sports
  • KJHK.org user flowFinding out what is happening on air is still a big factor in website traffic. Increasingly, visitors who aren’t coming to KJHK.org directly for the “now playing” feature are getting to the site through linked content.
  • KJHK hosts videos and audio off-site, which could mean fewer direct website hits. We’ve decided that’s OK – people are finding, viewing and sharing photos and videos where they already are (YouTube, Instagram).