A Fresh Fast Five from Skating Polly

Come along for a virtual Meet & Greet with the unbridled punk trio, Skating Polly. The band officially started out between step-sisters Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse when they were just 9 and 14. In 2017, Kelli’s brother Kurtis Mayo joined the crew on drums. Skating Polly is presenting their new album Chaos County Line featuring the singles Hickey King and I’m Sorry For Always Apologizing dropping Friday, June 23rd. You can catch this shiny new album on any of your favorite streaming services, on their website, or hopefully right here on KJHK’s airwaves.

1. Which species would be the rudest if all animals could talk?Geese have never seemed too sweet. Me and Kurtis both have distinct “being charged by geese” memories. They got a look in their eye like they’re pissed off about the world. Chihuahuas are also very bitchy, as much as I love them. I feel like if Peyton’s chihuahua could talk she would probably have us in tears on a weekly basis with shitty takedowns of our personality.

2. What color would you pick if you had to eat a crayon straight from the box?Probably “turquoise blue” because I’ve been very into blue drinks lately. Specifically the blue spirulina smoothie from Jamba Juice and the blue spirulina kombucha. Not to mention birthday cake flavored ice cream and the blue cotton candy flavored lollipops… Nothing tastier than a true creamy blue.

3. What’s the most amusing thing you’ve seen recently?We buy big packs of water for the tour van so we can stay hydrated but often end up with lots of half-drank bottles. Peyton was gonna be the hero of the van and decided to start finishing all the half drank mystery bottles of water. She was drinking one late at night and made a loud spitting sound back into the bottle. She exclaimed “Oh god! There’s something solid in here” She turned on the light in the van to get a better look and then said “Jesus fucking christ I think I had someones toenails in my mouth!” We all were horrified but having trouble not laughing since it was so absurdly disgusting. “Who would do that??” was the general consensus. When all of a sudden, very sheepishly, my boyfriend says “oh um… it might have been fingernails…”. The tone of his voice, look on his face, and admission of guilt were absolutely iconic. Even Peyton was fucking doubled over laughing. It was such a weird thing to do, and a problem we’ve never had before on tour. And it was definitely the most referenced incident of the tour. She still gives him shit about it quite often, and it never ceases being amusing.

4. What’s your least favorite planet?Probably have to go with Uranus solely based on the name giving me anxiety as a child that someone would make a dirty joke while I was trying to be serious and talk about planets!!!

5. If you could detach one of your body parts, which one would it be?   Maybe my vocal cords to ensure the utmost solid vocal rest possible. I’m naughty, and too chatty, and very bad at vocal rest. It’d be nice to just put my voice in a box for a few hours and not be able to use it til it was fully charged again.