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KJHK Arts and Culture Staff Application

KJHK’s Arts & Culture Staff is responsible for pitching, reporting, recording and producing FM and online pieces about arts, culture and news in the KU and Lawrence communities.

Staff members (Arts & Culture Producers) will be selected through an application and interview process. Students in these positions will be required to complete a set number of weekly production and office hours, and will receive a modest monthly stipend.

If you’re a current KU student interested in covered arts, culture and news for KJHK, fill out the application below to be considered for an Arts & Culture Staff position!

A full Arts & Culture Producer position/job description is linked on the application below.

Please be thorough - only complete applications will be considered. Thanks!
  • The KJHK Arts and Culture Staff is currently accepting applications. Please fill out the form below to be considered for the Arts and Culture Staff.

  • KJHK Arts & Culture Staff Producer - Position Description
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  • If you've not worked at the station before, simply put "New to KJHK" in the box above.
    All successful applicants will be required to attend a weekly KJHK Arts & Culture Staff meeting. Assuming best efforts on both your and KJHK's part, are you prepared to organize your schedule in order to attend KJHK meetings?
    All successful applicants will be available to complete at least five (5) hours a week of reporting coverage, editing or production. Editing hours will be scheduled in KJHK's production spaces at the Kansas Union. Staff members will also be asked to be available to cover stories on one regularly assigned day each week.
    Staff members will be expected to complete at least one audio story and one online story each week. Staff members will be expected to meet deadlines as assigned by KJHK staff, and make best efforts to turn news stories around quickly. Do you agree to make best efforts to meet deadlines and the weekly story requirements?
    KJHK keeps photo, video, audio and editing equipment in house. This equipment is for KJHK staff use, for assigned KJHK projects. All staff members must be responsible for the care of this equipment while on assignment. Do you agree to comply with these rules and care for KJHK equipment?
    Arts & Culture Staff members will follow standards set by KJHK staff. Do you agree to comply with these standards?
    To be a part of KJHK, no matter what staff you're on, you must know and abide by the rules and regulations KJHK sets forth. This is vital to the station's continued existence! Please review the KJHK Handbook, available at www.kjhk.org in the "About KJHK" section of the site. Violation of station rules may result in suspension or termination.
    All KJHK employees must respect the station by maintaining its cleanliness. This includes picking up trash, putting away equipment, and generally maintaining a neat and efficient work environment. Do you agree to keep KJHK a clean, professional environment every time you are at KJHK?
  • By electronically 'signing' your name above, you agree (1) to work within the spirit and framework of the KJHK Constitution as presented in the KJHK Handbook, (2) to perform the duties required of the position to which you are hired, and (3) that you will abide by the KJHK Participation Contract, also found within the KJHK Handbook. Intentional misrepresentation of facts on this application - or any other breach of this agreement - will constitute grounds for suspension or termination from KJHK.