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Approach: “Aloe Park Redux”

Approach comes back with his entire last album remixed by his friends.


The album takes varying moods but it mostly is a relaxed version of Aloe Park, which was a very heavy and intense album.  The remixed album truly highlights Approach’s lyrics, which are poetic and mostly inaccessible on the first listen, but worthwhile after a few spins.  Some of the producers on the album are Info Gates, Atilla, Royce Diamond and Nezbeat, among others.  It’s interesting to have an album’s direction essentially taken over by independent producers.  The album gives Approach a new look and highlights some of the best local musicians.  It’s a great album! Explore it!  Plus, we have a show on Sept. 16 with Approach headlining.

Reviewed by:  James Baker on Sept. 13

RIYL:   Local music and amazing hip hop

Recommended Tracks:  11, 1, 4, 12, 6

Label:  Datura Records

Release Date:  Sept.13, 2011