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DJ Shadow: The Less You Know, The Better

The 20+ year veteran releases new material on the Verve label.

It’s rather clear that Josh Davis, -DJ Shadow didn’t set out to please one specific group of listeners with his 4th release, The Less You Know, The Better, except perhaps his faithfuls. Go ahead play it. Experience somber moments (5,16) moments of solace(10,14) and Shadow’s visceral drive(entirety of album). He hits us with multi-layered and heavy sonic textures (except 5,16), fast break beats, intricate/variant instrumentation, as well as remaining incessant with his drum tracks.

He goes many directions, spanning the spectrum of the genres, creating masterful compositions and productions and a final product that is anything but confined.

Reviewed by  DJ VanGlorious

RIYL:  Cut Chemist, DJ Krush, Realness

Rec: 1, 7, 12, 15, 3

FCC Advisory: None

Label:  Verve

Release Date:  Oct. 4 -2011