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Sophisticated goons jam outzzzz

Local hip hop artist rocks to small, ferocious crowd. 

After going to a few shows at Liberty Hall and the Granada where my concert-going experience is always at risk of being undermined by douchebags who attend one concert a year and think it’s cool to smoke cigarettes inside (you can go outside bro), I was looking forward to seeing a solid local show.

Greg Enemy, No Bird Sing, and Swanson brought that local show to the Jackpot last night.

Even with the sparse crowd, Swanson (the local hardcore super group with emcee Approach backed up by Jabberjosh and The StarJammr) felt at ease while rocking their alter-ego style.  Approach commented on the reason the group came together stating that Swanson was the product of excess creativity combining fun and smashing together genres. It was apparent that Swanson doesn’t necessarily fit in the mold of their other projects.  But that was the beauty of the night.

Next up was No Bird Sing out of Minneapolis.  They sound-checked, then asked for two minutes commenting that everyone in the crowd had done more interesting things than they during the day citing the boredom of traveling.  But then promised to melt faces and they did.  Staying true to the Minneapolis hip hop scene’s stereotype of dope music, No Bird Sing combined the live band look with an eclectic mix of hardcore, hip hop, and a feeling of a spoken word performance.  It sounded like a beautiful combination of Eyedea’s rhymes with Sage Francis’ attitude with P.O.S.’s music.  The drums and guitar were steady building up the breakdowns something reminiscent of the hardcore genre but it had rhymes instead.  Joe, their frontman, during one song jumped into the crowd and rhymed up in the faces of the audience looking like a half-crazed academic consistently pushing his glasses back onto his face.  The set kept my attention the entire time, at times mesmerizing. It was a pleasant surprise to see such a diverse, qualified, and dope act on a random night. (Give thanks to all that is LFK)


Up next was Greg Enemy. That is really all you should have to say.  Greg brings something special and unique to every show that no one can duplicate.  In a town dominated by rock music, it’s hard for a hip hop to accepted or even enjoyed if they use just a laptop or any other “simple” device.  But when it comes down to it, I can’t imagine Greg Enemy performing any other way.  And armed with his mac, a chair, and a microphone, he dove into his self-titled song.  The crowd was feeling it.  Pacing back and forth, Greg played some of his tracks off of his new mixtape “xtra small” (which is free on gregenemy.com btw) including Flowers, Sophisticated Goon S***, and Saint Gregory The Great.  I’m getting tired writing this review because I went to the show and I enjoyed myself.  So it comes down to this: shout out to the twenty or thirty people who came and to everyone else, you missed out.

You’re gonna to wanna jump on this Greg Enemy bandwagon soon cause it’s rollin’ on dubs.


by james baker

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