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The Turtles and The Association on Vintage Vinyl

So I was at Love Garden this weekend, searching for a particular song (which I did not find, unfortunately)… However, I did walk away with a nice little stack of LPs, which brings me to theme of this week’s show.

A wonderful part about collecting 45s and records is the exposure I get to songs I have never heard before. I can’t even begin to name all the songs I’ve discovered accidentally, and there are so many more out there! One band that I am currently in love with is The Turtles, because every time I have taken a chance on a 45 with unfamiliar songs, it has blown my mind. They are a phenomenal band and unfortunately no one really seems to know much about them except that they did “Happy Together”. One of the LPs I purchased this weekend was one of theirs, and I have never to this date found a Turtles LP. There is one song that is somewhat known, called “You Baby” (also the title of the record) but all the rest are ones that never really made it to the top of the charts. Well, I say no more to this! On Wednesday I will be giving my listening audience the privilege of hearing all these songs to better expand their knowledge of The Turtles and what they were capable of.

The other LP I will be showcasing is one that was recommended to me by Liberty Hall coworker/Taproom drink-slinger/local sweetheart/all-around nice guy, Charley. Do you guys know Charley? Because if not, you should. We had overlapping shifts this last weekend and since he was working the Taproom on the night of my gig, he got to hear all my 1960s records. That night I played a couple different tracks by a band called “The Association” who had a good number of hits back in the day. You might recognize songs such as Never My Love, Cherish, Along Comes Mary, and so on. Anyhow, he and I were discussing my gig the day after, and he asked if I had ever heard the song “Wantin’ Ain’t Gettin’,” which I hadn’t. He told me to keep my eyes open for it, and I found the LP at Love Garden on the same day I found the Turtles LP! So this of course is the other one I will be giving some love to.

As far as the rest of my show, I will be giving air time to other B-sides that I have discovered and fallen in love with. I guess you could say I will be “b-side” myself on this week’s show. Get it??

by dj modery hepburn
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