La Sera: “Sees the Light”

Vivian Girl side-project is pretty solid.

La Sera is the side project of “Kickball” Katy from the Vivian Girls and it features a more poppy side of her than she has shown in the Vivian Girls. Sees the Light showcases more of her 60s girl group influences rather than the straight up lo-fi punk of the Vivian Girls and the songs are insanely catchy. This album has a real summer feel to it and would be perfect for listening to at the beach. Definitely recommended for any music fan who’s looking for some chill, retro music.

Reviewed by: Jake Waters on April 8, 2012

RIYL: Vivian Girls, Best Coast, retro 60’s girl group pop

Recommended Tracks: Any of them, they’re all great for radio play

FCC Warning: None

Label: Hardly Art

Release Date: March 27, 2012

KJHK 90.7 FM