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This Month on Plow the Fields

DJ Dirty Shirley previews in-studio performances on her show this month

The first in studio for Plow the Fields this month is October 2nd with Oils, a local band whose members, Andrew and Mark, both live in Lawrence. On October 9th, during free form, EBONY TUSKS will make an appearance on the show and hopefully the Dead Girls will be playing sometime in October as well.

In addition to booking great local music for the show, I’ve been out and about in town going to a couple of legit shows–one of them being Guided by Voices at the Granada. Great songs, great crowd. I got a couple pictures of the band because everyone was being so nice and letting me through, some of my photos from that show are below.

Other than that, I’m keeping busy listening to the local music stacks we have at KJHK. Some of my favorites now are the Harvey Girls, the Appleseed Cast, Cowboy Indian Bear, Hospital Ships, and Cloud Dog.































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